Latest Bread Discoveries: Chowking’s Happy Pao and BreadZ

Assorted pastries from BreadZ (SM Hypermarket, C5 cor Julia Vargas Avenue, Pasig City)

I have a love affair with bread. I know, I know, it has almost the same amount of carbs and calories that a regular serving of rice has, but this is the poison I choose. It doesn’t help when your partner aka default food buddy has the same fondness for the exact same types of food as you do. As if on cue, we both get giddy about trying out new bread dishes and look forward to discovering new gastronomic adventures. Most of what I’ve been blogging and will be blogging about document our food adventures (and from time to time, misadventures) that I would like to share with the rest of you. I’ve been busy, hence the blog inactivity, but I’ve been collecting a lot of great stories to tell, and I hope you’d stick around a wee bit longer to find out if they are stories you’d like to experience for yourself. :)

One of our latest bread shop discoveries is BreadZ, located at SM Hypermarket at C5 cor Julia Vargas Avenue in Pasig. Working near SM Hypermarket made us one of the first to discover and have a taste of their breads. I especially liked the Spring Floss (middle), my default order, and the Breakfast Bread (Top Right) because of the perfect egg and bacon combination partnered with a freshly baked slice of bread. The price for their breads range from Php 25 to 60, and we used to come by once a week and spend an average of Php 100 per person for our satisfying pastry fix. This photo was taken during our last visit to BreadZ, and it’s rather unfortunate that we have made up our mind not to come back for their bread again. Don’t get me wrong–their breads were delectable, but their customer service could be improved further. Until then, we’ll stay as far away as possible to save ourselves some grief.

Chowking’s Happy Paos: Panda Pao (Left) and Piggy Pao (Right) Php 39 each

Then there was the birth of the Happy Paos from Chowking. The chocolate-filled Panda Pao and Asado-filled Piggy Pao got curious foodies heading to Chowking and see the cute paos for themselves. With breads looking like innocent pandas and little pigs, it was tough to bite into it without feeling remorse for the bread (or what they represented, at least). At first bite, I was expecting nutella to ooze out from the chocolate-filled Panda Pao, after I was misinformed by a friend from her Facebook post. The chocolate tasted similar to Goya’s chocolate spread, but at PHp 39, I’m not complaining at all. The Piggy Pao had sweet asado packed in it, but the bread itself was bland, relying much from the filling to provide the flavor that guests anticipated from it. At Php 39, it makes for a cute treat, but don’t expect too much from it. ;) I would love something with Tuna and some veggies inside! I wouldn’t know what shape or name they’d find apt for it though!

Do you have any bread discoveries you’d want to share with me? Let me know by posting a comment below!-HANA

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