My First Pair of Converse!


First pair of Chucks!

After having attended so many Converse events in the past, I have *FINALLY* gotten myself my first pair of Converse chucks! It’s been a year since I planned to get myself a pair, but due to some circumstances, I have managed to delay it. And now, almost a year after, I finally have in my hands (or feet) my first pair! *happy dance*


I went for an Old Silver Hi-Cut chucks, instead of my initial plan of getting a checkered red pair, or a plain dark blue one. There was also the option of getting the hi-cut pairs embellished with a zipper at the back (or side), but the color I want with that style always manages to elude me! I fell in love with this pair of Old Silver Chucks, and if I could just sleep in them, I would.


They are currently my most comfortable pair of shoes, and I can’t wait t strut them to work tomorrow. (Yes, I have work tomorrow. On a holiday. Boo-hoo.) I can match these hi-cut pair with a dress or a skirt, or with my favorite UNIQLO pants for a casual ensemble. The pair cost Php 2, 650, and I decided to throw in a pair of blue shoelaces for days when I feel like spicing the look up a bit. :D

Still looking forward to getting another Converse pair, hopefully when they release a new collection, or in December when they hold their Warehouse Sale! Watch out for announcements about their Warehouse Sale soon here on my blog!-HANA

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