A Second Helping at Eri Curry (SM Megamall Atrium, Mandaluyong City)

eri curry sm megamall ortigas mandaluyong

Fiery Katsu Omelette Curry and Fiery Creamed Chicken Omelette Curry at Eri Curry, SM Megamall Atrium

During the Friday that Typhoon Mario hit the metro, leaving most shops and malls deserted, we were delighted to find out that our favorite curry restaurant was open and ready to serve. Their steaming hot plate of curry could warm up any cold day, and we needed it especially on that day (despite jackets and hugs and all). The Omelettes looked too appetizing to resist, and it was just a choice of choosing what kind of meat to combine with the Omurice. I decided to go for a hefty serving of Pork Katsu, while my food trip buddy went for the Creamed Chicken (an easy choice for the person whose love for chicken knows no end).

eri curry sm megamall ortigas mandaluyong

Eri Curry’s Fiery Katsu Omelette Curry (Php 350)

As with their regular Pork Katsu Curry plate, the thick and juicy pork cutlets in a plateful of cheesy curry sauce does the trick in satisfying the insatiable. The omelette that wrapped the steaming hot rice, however, changes everything for me, and makes this the better choice to go after. And the Eri Curry Fiery plate that was once thought unconquerable was no match for my love for spicy food (I don’t even know why I settled for just spicy during my first try!).

eri curry sm megamall ortigas mandaluyong

Eri Curry’s Fiery Creamed Chicken Omelette Curry (Php 320)

The Creamed Chicken Omelette was surprisingly good, too! It might not look as appetizing, but the cream that smothered the omelette and chunks of white chicken meat makes all the difference. I also liked that it was a great alternative for pork, especially on days when you’re trying to watch your weight or just not feel guilty about what you eat. The chicken provides a savory experience, albeit not as heavy and filling as the breaded pork cutlets.

In true Eri Curry fashion, both plates were served with a hefty amount of steaming hot rice in a pool of creamy curry sauce with strands of melted cheese. A lot of people might find the rice serving too small in proportion to the amount of curry sauce and choice of topping or meat that Eri Curry generously serves. It’s a good thing that Eri Curry came up with their latest promo offering UNLIMITED Rice and Curry sauce for only an additional Php 80. This is a promo every Japanese curry lover should take advantage of, and I hope they keep the promo for good!-HANA

eri curry sm megamall ortigas mandaluyong

Eri Curry UNLIMITED Rice and Curry for Php 80

PS: What’s you favorite dish at Eri Curry?

2 comments to A Second Helping at Eri Curry (SM Megamall Atrium, Mandaluyong City)

  • Diana  says:

    It looks so delicious plus the oozing curry sauce! Can’t wait to try this!

    • dollhana  says:

      It is! Super sulit :) Enjoy, Diana!

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