[Review] Royal Carribean Jamaican Patties (Market! Market!, Bonifacio Global City)

royal carribean jamaican patties market market bgc bonifacio global city taguig

Review: Royal Carribean Jamaican Patties claim to be the finest Jamaican patties in the metro. Does it live up to its claim? Read on and find out.

I was recently invited by friends from the Royal Carribean Jamaican Patties to try their dishes and make a review of their establishment. It was something I could not say no to. Being a fan of the popular Jamaican patties made me want to see for myself if Royal Carribean’s would be a worthy rival for the former. A preliminary inspection of their menu showed that they had about nine Jamaican patty flavors to choose from, and even offered Baked Macaroni, cookies, a variety of juices, iced teas, and even milkshakes! That alone makes it a preferable choice over the already established Jamaican patty store.

With high hopes, I brought along my new food trip buddy (aka the person who will be consuming all the food I can’t and won’t finish anymore) and took it upon ourselves to try EVERYTHING on the menu. I didn’t really think this was a terrible idea when I walked over to the counter and told the woman behind the cashier that I’d like to order “one of each”. On the bright side, I get to tell you which flavors are worth trying and which ones you should skip.

royal carribean jamaican patties market market bgc bonifacio global city taguig

The Jamaican patties store is located on the top floor of Market! Market!, near the arcade and the cinemas, and just two floors above the food court. What I liked most about the patty store is that it has seats to accommodate a total of fifteen to twenty diners at any given time. The area was narrow, but there was enough room to move around and remained ventilated for the guests. We chose to settle at the table with benches for seats past the counter.

royal carribean jamaican patties market market bgc bonifacio global city taguig

Royal Carribean Jamaican Chicken Patty

First things first: The outer layers of Jamaican patties easily crumble when you bite into them (or half them). You will regret taking it out of the paper wrapper when you eat it, unless you’re eating it on a plate. Jamaican patties are messy to eat, so you have to choose the time and place to eat them!

royal carribean jamaican patties market market bgc bonifacio global city taguig

Cross-section of the Vegetable Jamaican Patty

For the patty flavors, you can choose from the seven Classic variants (Php 45 each) and three Premium patties (Php 54 each): Tuna, Chicken, Vegetable, Beef Supreme, Beef Royale, Beef Jerky, Beef Grenada, Beef Curry for the classic patties; Cheeze Burst Royale, Cheeze Burst Supreme, and Cheeze Burst Jerky. Of the ten flavors mentioned above, we were able to try all of them save for the Beef Royale. For me (and for my food trip buddy), the Tuna patty has got to be the best, because it had chunks of tuna meat and delighted the appetite. The Beef Curry, Beef Jerky, and Vegetable patties finished as runner-ups because they delivered a kind of appetizing flavor I have not had before from the other Jamaican patty place. I look forward to seeing more improvements with the other flavors, as they need a little more push to stay true to their names and what they’re really supposed to taste like. Apart from that, the thick layers of bread cushioning the filling sours the appetite once it’s not warm anymore. Maybe you can have it warmed, or take it home and heat it, but I cannot guarantee the quality once it has gone cold and rewarmed with a microwave (since I have yet to try this at home!).

royal carribean jamaican patties market market bgc bonifacio global city taguig

Baked Macaroni (Php 55)

The cheesy Baked Macaroni was one of RC Jamaican Patties’ more memorable dishes. At Php 55, the serving size was only big enough for just one person, but can be stretched to be shared by two if you’re each having a patty. The flavor could even be improved further by adding a thin smear of hot sauce on top.

royal carribean jamaican patties market market bgc bonifacio global city taguig

Beverages : Mango Juice and Premium Iced Tea

royal carribean jamaican patties market market bgc bonifacio global city taguig

Beverages: Ceylon Tea and Lemon Iced Tea

Because we went crazy with the hot sauce, we needed two rounds of drinks to quench our thirst and down all the patties we ordered. We found RC’s Premium Iced Tea a preferable choice of beverage. Its taste is comparable to the brewed Iced Tea of Starbucks, only with more foam. The Mango Juice, one of their bestselling drinks, really hit the spot and was my favorite among the four. The Ceylon Tea reminded me of the taste of cola (and if there was a Cola-flavored slurpee, it would most likely taste like this!) Lastly, the Lemon Iced Tea tasted like the Premium Iced Tea, only with more hints of lemon with every sip.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to try the cookies and milkshakes during our visit since they were out of stock. Make sure to try these when they’re available! They may not really be in line with the Jamaican menu lineup, but it’s certainly one of the things that sets RC Jamaican Patties apart from its closest competitor. It would be great to know if its worth ditching the latter for RC’s menu that has something even for non-Jamaican patty lovers.

Overall, Royal Carribean Jamaican Patties not only provide a great-tasting snack for everyone, but also offers something more than other patty shops normally do (Cookies and Milkshakes, anyone?) The flavor of the patty when it cools can definitely be improved by shedding off a few layers from the bread. The patty filling can be made better by enhancing the flavor and making sure it stays true to what it is supposed to taste like (take for example, the Chicken patty that doesn’t taste much like chicken). While there’s still room for improvement, Royal Carribean Jamaican Patties provides a quick and satisfying fix to hungry foodies at an affordable price.-HANA

PS: Have you ever eaten at Royal Carribean Jamaican Patties? What’s your favorite item on their menu? Share it with me by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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