Keeping Cool and Confident with Priva

It’s always a challenge for the ladies to stay confident about keeping unwanted odors and their monthlies at bay. But with the right products to keep on hand as your everyday partners, the challenge is not as insurmountable as it seems. It also helps when you’re equipped with the right attitude in overcoming everyday obstacles. Just keep your cool and exude confidence whatever life throws along your way.

I have to admit that I get heaps of confident boost from my choice of feminine wash. Priva Intimate Wash, the latest from pH care, is a clinically tested pH-balanced formulation designed to give extra care to the delicate feminine area. Like most intimate wash, it aims to keep the feminine area protected from itching and bad odors.

priva intimate wash ph care

Priva comes in two variants: Skin Firming and Cooling (Blue) and Skin Lightening and Cooling (Pink). The blue variant has collagen and natural Kwao Krua extracts, an herbal root native in Thailand known for improving skin elasticity and firmness. It also contains Witch Hazel extracts to lock in natural moisture of the skin, and has Revitacool to keep the genital area refreshed and cool.

priva intimate wash ph care

Clinical trials showed results as early as 2 weeks for the skin lightening effect, and six weeks for skin firming. Despite all these specialized benefits, the product has been proven safe for everyday use.

The product comes in a clear and sturdy plastic bottle, and getting the product out requires effort to squeeze the hard plastic container. On a positive note, that means it’s also difficult to accidentally contaminate the solution inside, keeping the intimate wash hygienic for use.

Priva intimate wash ph care

The cooling effect, thanks to Revitacool, is easily my favorite from the long list of product features. I have yet to see and feel results, but it does a great job in making me feel fresh and cool.

If you ever decide to try Priva, let me know your thoughts on it, and which variant you like better! And if you’re looking into find out more about the product, you can head over to Unilab’s Facebook page for more details.

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