OOTD: Tilt-Shift

Casual-comfy OOTD for a casual-comfy kind of day.

Seeing things in a different perspective.

So I got my nine-year old cousin to take OOTD photos of me before I headed out one Saturday afternoon. I couldn’t find anyone else to take my photo for me (sorry, KC!) but the photos turned out alright. I have actually never looked this thin in photos (and my skin has a very healthy glow to it! I’ve never seen myself this way before).

Bib necklace and grey cropped top from HALT Alternative, Quilt skirt from Kirin, Sandals from Mendrez

Apart from that, my life as of late has been eventful, albeit not the way I wanted it to be. The events this past week opened a floodgate of emotions that I was not quite prepared for, and I pray that it never happens again in the near future. My word of the week happened to be “distracted”. I am distracted from my goals, from work, from the routine I’ve been used to, and kicked out of my comfort zone with no eviction notice! Feelings do that to you, and for a while now, I’ve learned to handle them. But then the universe realized how easy everything is again for me and decided to push me towards the direction where there is more opportunity for growth, and it unfortunately involved having to feel again. It’s almost always difficult when this happens, but I’ll get the hang of it soon enough. :)

I’m getting back on track, and that means more blog posts soon, and a contest or two, hopefully within the month. I do hope that you guys would watch out for it and support it with the same enthusiasm you guys had for my previous giveaways. :)

Looking forward to hearing from you! xoxo-HANA

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