Trinoma’s Style Origin Highstreet Fashion Show

June 22 – Style Origin Fashion Show at Trinoma featuring Homegrown Labels

I used to watch Ayala Style Origins from the front row. I never expected that this year, I’ll be given the chance to model for the show.

The invitation came so unexpectedly, and I  just jumped at the opportunity, knowing that the chance to walk on the runway with my height comes close to nil. It was my first fashion show, and I was extremely nervous. Like, what if I tripped while I’m walking on the catwalk? Or what if I do something really awkward on stage? In fact, I was so plagued by my praning thoughts that I didn’t eat the meals provided for us during that afternoon. Everything was just so surreal that I didn’t know how to react.

It was helpful that I knew some blogger friends who were walking for the show as well. I didn’t have anyone with me, so I had very few photos on the runway. Nevertheless, I was there for the great (and maybe once-in-a-lifetime) chance to participate in a fashion show.

Fitting at Freeway

Style Origin wasn’t just any fashion show. I’ve watched their previous shows, and know from experience that a lot of popular brands participate in the show to showcase the latest fashion trends and styles. The Trinoma leg of the fashion show took two days. The first day of the Trinoma Style Origin presented Mensweek, which featured 33 of the top designers in the country. On the second day, the focus is on High Street Fashion, with the show directed by Mr. Robby Carmona. The show featured both foreign and homegrown labels, and we bloggers took part in the Homegrown Labels show.

trinoma style origin fashion show 2014

The UP Pep Squad (Middle) with the Philippine All-Stars

trinoma style origin fashion show 2014

Models for Debenhams

We could tell from the cheers of the crowd that the show was jam-packed! Kylie Padilla, Colleen Garcia, Billy Crawford, Elmo Magalona, JC De Vera, and Gerald Anderson made the crowd crazy with every step on the runway. We couldn’t really tell what’s happening because during all this…

trinoma style origin fashion show 2014

…we were stuck backstage, waiting for our turn to strut.

I couldn’t believe how crazy a fashion show’s backstage is! It was full of beautiful people, and that really didn’t help with our confidence. Seeing as how we’ll walk with these long-legged beauties challenged our self-esteem to the highest level! But we were there to represent, and I was just so stoked to be part of the group.

trinoma style origin fashion show 2014

Runway moment! All smiles as I modeled an ensemble from Freeway :D

trinoma style origin fashion show 2014

No, I didn’t have to be stick-thin and 5’11”-feet tall to be able to share this runway with all the models and amazing personalities I named earlier. It really feels good to be part of something bigger than yourself, and this was one of the most memorable moments I was blessed with all because of my passion for blogging.

I got a lot of cool stuff from our modeling stint, but my favorite would always be this remembrance of the epic day that was:

trinoma style origin fashion show 2014

Gerald Anderson closed the show with a selfie…

trinoma style origin fashion show 2014

…and I was part of it! Spot me! Epic selfie!

I was such a happy kid! Thank you to Trinoma and Ms. Jingjing for this amazing opportunity.

Watch out for the next Style Origin shows hitting Ayala malls nearest you!-HANA

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