Malaysian Food Fest at the Berjaya Makati Hotel

Malaysian food buffet berjaya makati hotel philippines

Malaysian Food Fest at Berjaya Makati Hotel, Makati Avenue

Malaysian cuisine ranks high in my list of Asian cuisines I have yet to explore. Unlike Japanese, Thai, and Chinese restaurants which are common in the streets of Metro Manila, I have not heard of any establishment committed to serving Malaysian dishes. My knowledge of Malaysian dishes is limited to Nasi Goreng… oh wait, that’s of Indonesian origin.

Suffice it to say that I know next to nothing about Malaysian food, and my first encounter of it happened to be at the Malaysian Food Fest hosted by Berjaya Makati Hotel in Makati Avenue. They had 6 viand options, mostly moderately spiced.

Here are some that stood out:

Malaysian food buffet berjaya makati hotel philippines

Egg Curry

The Egg Curry has got to be my favorite dish of the night. It combines two of my favorite food in the world = egg and curry. I don’t think I can ask for anything more. Unfortunately, one can only have so much egg before feeling guilty or wary of blood pressure spikes and rise in cholesterol levels. I had to stop myself after devouring my third egg. Other than that, it also had slices of carrots, potatoes, and other herbs. The Egg Curry is a moderately spicy dish which is hard to get enough of.

There were other noteworthy dishes, but the desserts and rose juice got my attention for the better part of the evening.

Malaysian food buffet berjaya makati hotel philippines

This one was somewhat familiar, as it looked and tasted like Buchi. I’ve always thought that Buchi was Chinese in origin.

Malaysian food buffet berjaya makati hotel philippines

This one reminded me of Ginataang Munggo, sweet and served warm. Beside it is the Maja Blanca with kernels of corn in it.

Malaysian food buffet berjaya makati hotel philippines

Rose Juice, anyone?

I enjoyed my tall glass of Rose Juice, that I actually consumed two glasses of this during dinner. Though I’ve never eaten rose petals before or recall tasting anything rose-flavored, for some reason, I can really tell that it tasted like rose. It must have been the aroma of the drink. My friends found it a tad too sweet, but if served cold, they might just like it as much as I did.

I found that it was limited in its offering, and might leave you feeling unsatisfied. The setup also reminded me of an informal gathering, and I was expecting more, since Berjaya Makati Hotel is a Malaysian venture. I feel that they have much to improve on to keep piquing the interest of the Metro foodie crowd, and keep their customers coming back for more.

The Malaysian Food Fest will run from July 14 to August 9, 2014 only, from Mondays – Saturdays, 11:30 AM – 2 PM. The buffet rate is Php 499/head. For reservations, please call 750-75000 or e-mail

Berjaya Makati Hotel – Philippines
7835 Makati Avenue corner Eduque Street, Makati City, Philippines 1209
Contact number: 750-6783 / 750-7500
Visit their website for more information

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