Bite-sized Assorted Donuts with J.Co’s J.Pops donuts jco baby donuts j.pops jpops

J.Pops Baby Donuts by J.Co Donuts (Php 250 for 2 Dozens)

Have you ever taken too much time deciding which donuts to order at J.Co? I think a lot of customers want to make the most of the life they wasted falling in line, so they absolutely spend twice the time choosing which donuts to include in their dozens. And for some, this could spell forever. (Okay, not really, but a considerable amount of time that shouldn’t normally be the case) However, I can relate to those who stand there for minutes on end, because they all look like something I’d stuff in my mouth without thinking. J.Co donuts are tasty, not to mention, affordable when bought in bulk.

So yes, the solution to this consumer dilemma is to buy J.Pops! For those who want to try a little bit of everything without getting umay, this one’s for you. For Php 250, you get two dozen baby donuts, and you get to try twenty four flavors! But if you buy two dozen of regular-sized donuts, one dozen would cost only Php 250. So it’s really up to you to determine if you want variety or quantity (size). donuts jco baby donuts j.pops jpops price

But the J.Co J.Pops makes a great treat for sharing, or for your personal consumption if you wanna try all twenty four flavors (like me!) It’s like a sampler of sorts, so that you don’t have to buy a dozen of unfamiliar flavors and find out later on that the flavor is not to your liking.

The packaging makes it an easy choice for a gift, too. donuts jco baby donuts j.pops jpops price

Lastly, it is the cheapest boxed set of donuts at J.Co. Dozens start at Php 350/box if you’re only buying one, so if you’re trying to save a little cash, this one will give you the most value for your money at J.Co (unless you plan to buy more than one dozen, then go ahead and get the full-sized donuts!)-HANA

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