Divine Lee Celebrates Scentsual Pleasure with Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences divine lee

Herbal Essences’ new brand ambassador Divine Lee captures the audience’s attention with her shameless pleasure revelations at 71 Gramercy.

Herbal Essences is back! And they could not have made a more provocative comeback marked with their call to pursue your own shameless pleasures. The event started with a statement with the segment  Shameless Talk with actress/host Kat Alano and writer Erika Paredes. Both women talked about their shameless pleasures and encouraged everyone to openly chase what pleasures them.

Herbal Essences erika paredes

Erika Paredes’ “Sorry, Not Sorry” face while talking about her shameless pleasure: snapping selfies and taking it to social media

The reveal of TV host/ blogger Divine Lee as the woman behind the overheard moans in Herbal Essences TV Commercial was the highlight of the night. Although admittedly not at beautiful as many cookie-cutter celebrities and brand ambassadors are, her wit and playful demeanor charms anyone and everyone she encounters. Not to mention, she stood there all night, hot in heels and with a body to envy!

Herbal Essences divine lee

Divine Lee was a perfect fit to represent the brand. She embodies the modern woman, the go-getter who is not ashamed of her desires and pleasures, and in fact, openly talks about them. “Divine Lee is the made-for-Herbal Essences woman. She is deliberate and bold in the decisions she has made both in her professional and personal life. Divine demonstrates how to want pleasure and act on it. She’s charmingly unapologetic about her pursuit of pleasure. She is a perfect fit for Herbal Essences which makes even the most ordinary act of showering pleasurable and rapturous,” says Pepe Torres, country marketing manager for hair care of P&G.

Herbal Essences divine lee

The night was full of interactive fun that engaged the audience and empowered them to not be ashamed of their shameless pleasures. Guests were invited to write their shameless pleasures, and even have their shameless selfies taken. Even more controversial was the shameless moan-off, which was hilarious, bordering on wishing the participants luck (because I cannot imagine being in their shoes).

Herbal Essences divine lee

During the Moan-off: Moaning (with feelings)

Herbal Essences divine lee

The new Herbal Essences: Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Shampoo for Dry/Damaged Hair

Herbal Essences divine lee

We can tell why Divine Lee would be moaning in the shower room. The scents are glorious.

I am especially loving the smell of Hello Hydration, and can’t wait to lather it into my tresses! I will let you know soonest what I think of the new Herbal Essences in another separate review. For now, hope you get a chance to grab a bottle for yourself and say YES to your own shameless and scentsual pleasures!-HANA

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