Red Turnip Theater Kickstarts Its Second Season with Rabbit Hole

Agot Isidro stars in “Rabbit Hole” for Red Turnip Theater’s Second Season

Red Turnip Theater made its mark on Philippine Theater last year with their straight plays, “Closer” and “Cock”. With a following for their acclaimed productions, they’re now kickstarting their second season with two new productions, namely Pulitzer Prize winners “Rabbit Hole” and “Time Stands Still”.

Nonie Buencamino and Ana Abad Santos for “Time Stands Still”

The band of five talented actors(Ana Abad Santos, Topper Fabregas, Jenny Jamora, Cris Villonco and Rem Zamora) shares that the response from their first season was unexpected and overwhelming, and that they could not be more excited to show their softer side with their second season line-up. Also included in the line-up is a re-run of “Cock” by Mike Bartlett, which earned praise during its premiere last March. Described as a “theatrical gem”, the critical darling reunites Topper Fabregas, Niccolo Manahan, Jenny Jamora, and Audie Gemora under Rem Zamora’s direction.

The talented band of actors of Red Turnip Theater(Top Left – Bottom Right): Topper Fabregas, Cris Villonco, Ana Abad Santos, Jenny Jamora, and Rem Zamora

Meanwhile, Red Turnip’s “Rabbit Hole” brings back Agot Isidro to the stage after seven years of absence from the theater scene. The actress makes her theatrical comeback with Pulitzer-prize winner “Rabbit Hole” as Becca, a mother swept with grief caused by the loss of her son. Theater veteran Michael Williams plays the role of Howie, Becca’s husband. Che Ramos-Cosop ad Sheila Franciso joins the production as Becca’s sister Izzy and their mother, Nat. Lastyle, Dulaang Up’s Ross Pesigan rounds out the cast as Jason, the young boy responsible for the tragic loss of their son.

Topper Fabregas debuts as a director in Red Turnip’s Rabbit Hole; Cris Villonco shares her sentiments about Red Turnip Theater’s second season line-up.

The outstanding cast is directed by Topper Fabregas, marking “Rabbit Hole” as his directorial debut. Topper shares that Rabbit Hole shows a very different side from what the audience has taken in during Red Turnip Theater’s first season. The second season line-up reflects a gentler approach, compared to the in-your-face experience of “Cock” and “Closer”.

FILA is a proud major sponsor of Red Turnip Productions.

“Rabbit Hole” opens on August 1, 2014 and runs all weekends of August. Like Red Turnip Theater on Facebook for more details.

Tickets are available through TicketWorld (891-9999 or or Red Turnip Theater ( or


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