Taking the Challenge With the New Nestle Drumstick Flavors

new Nestle Drumstick Flavors price

#DrumstickDares: The new and exciting Nestle Ice Cream Drumstick Flavors

Are you up for the challenge to try out new things?

The all new Nestle Ice Cream Drumstick is daring you to live it all out! Believe me, I was super ecstatic to receive this package of five extremely delectable Nestle Drumstick flavors, and I didn’t know which one to try first! So I ate them all!

new Nestle Drumstick Flavors price

Nestle Drumstick Coffee & Caramel (Php 22)

I’m glad to be rediscovering why I loved the Nestle Drumstick in the first place. With the classic Chocolate and Vanilla (Php 22) as well as the new Coffee and Caramel (Php 22) drumstick flavors under the Duo Range, a delicious and satisfying treat during a humid summer day cannot be any more affordable. But if you want to go all out on the flavor and excitement, go and have a taste of the three flavors under the Premium Range: Butter Pecan Praline (Php 40), Choco Almond Vanilla, and the Pistachio Almond Caramel.

new Nestle Drumstick Flavors price

Nestle Drumstick Pistachio Almond Caramel (Php 40)

The Duo Range boasts of a plain clean crisp wafer cone, while the Premium Range features a chocolate-flavored cone, both equally baked with precision. The fun thing about the Premium Range is that they have a surprising waiting at the core of the ice cream cone, like the caramel ripple in the Butter Pecan Praline and Pistachio Almond Caramel, or a sprinkle of roasted walnuts in the middle in the Choco Almond Vanilla drumstick.

new Nestle Drumstick Flavors price

And with the Nestle Drumstick, there are no sad endings! At the end of every cone awaits a delicious chocolate-filled nugget tip. I hope I’m making you crave so hard right now!

So how did I go all out with the new Nestle Drumstick? I indulged my craving and had a taste of all the flavors! If you ask me what flavors are my favorite (and if I had to choose!), I’d go with the Pistachio Almond Caramel and the Butter Pecan Praline. Both flavors I never expected to love, but everything changed when I hit the middle of the cone! I cannot express enough how much I loved the caramel ripples. It was a game-changer for me.

new Nestle Drumstick Flavors price

Celebrating the end of a good week with ice cream!

Everything is sweeter when you share it with others. Have an ice cream to punctuate good weeks and turn bad days, or for whatever reason or purpose it may serve. Enjoying a good ice cream really requires no reason. Are you up for the challenge? Take the #DrumstickDares today!-HANA

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2 comments to Taking the Challenge With the New Nestle Drumstick Flavors

  • christopher amo  says:

    i love pecan!

    • dollhana  says:

      I know! I’m craving for one right now! =)) Such a bad time to be craving for ice cream XD

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