Mister Donut Launches Blueberry Donut Bunch

mister donut blueberry bunch

The newest Blueberry Bunch from Mister Donut, for only Php 300 (Half-Dozen)

Blueberry fans, rejoice! Mister Donut has just released their latest and juiciest donut collection, the Blueberry Bunch. Now, you can indulge your blueberry cravings with an assortment of three donut variants: the Blueberry Dossant, Blueberry crullers, and Blueberry Ring de Pon.

mister donut blueberry bunch

Blueberry Pon-de-Ring donut

Interestingly, blueberry donuts remind me of my childhood days, when my mom would reward me with raspberry-flavored donut treats for a great job done at school. Needless to say, the flavor brings a rush of great memories for me. But for those who don’t have a long-time love affair with the flavor, you’ll find these blueberry donuts not only tasty and affordable, but a flavor you’ll crave for and come back for more.

mister donut blueberry bunch

Blueberry Do-ssant (Php 75 per piece)

Cronut fans will love Mister Donut’s Do-ssant, a hybrid of croissant and donut, with a thick and satisfying blueberry filling on the inside, and a spread of blueberry on top. Among the three, the Blueberry Do-ssant was my favorite! It had the right amount of sweetness, partnered with the crispy quality of the croissant-like donut.

mister donut blueberry bunch

Blueberry Crullers

If you loved the airy texture and light quality of the crullers, then look forward to taking a bite off the Blueberry-filled Mister Donut crullers.

mister donut blueberry bunch

I spy… Blueberry Pon-de-Ring Donuts!

Lastly, the Pon de Ring donut is just the thing kids would love: sweet and addicting with the candied sugar that coated its surface. It can get messy to bite into with the candied sugar crumbling and breaking from the surface, so make sure to have a napkin on hand.

The latest Blueberry Bunch collection from Mister Donut is a treat to berry-flavored dessert lovers like me. It’s not everyday that we see a whole new collection dedicated to a distinct flavor like blueberry. This exclusive collection is now available at Mister Donut Cafe Greenhills and Mister Donut Megamall. -HANA

mister donut blueberry bunch

Go ahead and share a Mister Donut today!

PS: What flavor would you like Mister Donut to come up with in the future? Comment your answers below!

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