Made My Own Magnum at Magnum Cafe, SM Aura (Bonifacio Global City, Taguig)

Everyone’s favorite obsession nowadays when it comes to food is customizing and “making their own”. This explains why Project Pie, Ramen Nagi and Magnum Cafe is such a hit with foodies in the metro. These establishments give their guests the freedom and control to go creative and innovate with a variety of ingredients, making every order a masterpiece of the customer.

First thing’s first: pay Php 100 at the counter before you head on to create your own Magnum. Pricey? Maybe, but if you put it beside a scoop of Haagen Dazs (which we don’t have anymore in the Philippines), you’ll see that its reasonably priced for a Magnum.

Next, proceed to the counter where you choose three toppings for your ice cream. Imagine all the possibilities!

I got Quezo de Bola shavings, crunchy honeycomb, and chocolate crunch balls! <3

I cannot stress enough how much I loved that they offered quezo de bola shavings for the toppings. The contrast between sweet and salty always makes a dessert extremely interesting and too irresistible for me. Had they offered Itlog na Maalat, or another salty ingredient, I would have loved it even more!

Coating the Magnum Vanilla Ice cream with my choice of coating.

Next task is to choose the coating of your Vanilla Ice cream from three choices: Dark Chocolate, Chocolate, and Caramel. I went for chocolate for my magnum. You also get to choose what syrup you want drizzled on top of your creation, and the choices are the same as that of the coating with the exception of the white chocolate in place of the caramel, so this time, I picked dark chocolate syrup.

Ta-da! My very own Magnum (with Lester’s on the side)

Price- and taste-wise, I would have to say that it (obviously!) tastes better than just buying Magnum from the nearest convenience store. Like many establishments that offer the option to “make your own”, your paying for the experience of creating your unique masterpiece, which is why the price might be more steep than what you’d like for it to be. Personally, I don’t think I’ll be coming back every week to treat myself to an ice cream at the Magnum Cafe. However, it definitely is worth visiting because the offer to make your own Magnum expires April next year, as the Magnum Cafe is only open here in the Philippines for one year. Make sure you don’t miss out on the experience, so take the time to go and visit Magnum Cafe at SM Aura, BGC in Taguig.-HANA

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