Got a Tattoo + Afternoon Hang Out at Local Tattoo Shop

It says “love”, and it’s a metaphor.

They say some of the nicest people in the world are covered in tattoos. I got to see it for myself one afternoon.

Two weekends ago, I had an itching feeling to get tattooed. Unfortunately, because I am such a coward, I got myself a henna =)) I just wanted to see how it would look like, and maybe have it inked for real (read: permanent) if it looks okay. At a local tattoo shop here in Pasig called Griffin Tattoo Shop, I met Jaypee, RC and Tek, and they made my Sunday afternoon worthwhile and unforgettable. It was my first time in a tattoo shop, but they didn’t make me feel intimidated or out of place.

I spent the whole afternoon watching Jaypee and RC prepare for their contest piece. Jaypee, the tattoo artist, was going to tattoo an original design on RC’s forearm. Since I was first in line to be tattooed, RC had to wait for his turn, so he chatted with me a bit before I got my tattoo. When he asked about my tattoo design, he was quick to say, “Brokenhearted ka no?” as if he has known me for quite some time.

Tek and Jaypee

While watching them tediously prepare for the process of tattooing the design on RC’s arm, I was inspired to create a collection of photos of people with tattoos. Every tattoo has a story. Mine was easy to tell. RC’s design, on the other hand, had a more beautiful story behind it, making mine shy away in comparison.

RC’s tattoo

RC’s tattoo depicted Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom, and also the namesake of his three-year old daughter. They modified the design to add a dragon helmet and a knife in her hand. RC says that the inspiration behind this design was her daughter, and how the dragon represents him as his daughter’s guide. The design was intricate and awe-inspiring, that I can imagine it would be so difficult to beat that.

I watched as RC cringed in pain,while Jaypee masterfully outlined the thick lines of the tattoo design. My tattoo was not even child’s play next to this.

At 9 PM, realizing they have not had dinner or a bite since their afternoon snack, Tek bought Tapsilog, and even bought for me. This people hardly know me but treated me to dinner like they’ve known me for years. It was such a fun and humbling experience. Just because a person is covered in tattoos doesn’t give us the right to judge him or her. And I’m happy I set aside biases because I got to know these wonderful people and learned so much from them in one afternoon.-HANA

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  • Dindo  says:

    You’re cute.

    • dollhana  says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, Dindo =)

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