Genji-M Makati Just Got Better With Unlimited Timed Buffet

genji m unlimited sushi sashimi buffet makati

Sushi overload at Genji-M Unlimited Sushi and Sashimi Buffet, Kalayaan Ave cor Makati ave, Makati City

Genji-M has caught the attention of many foodies (especially Japanese food lovers) a few months ago with the buzz around town about their Unlimited (not to mention, very affordable) Sushi, Sashimi, and Rolls offer. Coupled with the Genji-M Php 250 coupon, the metro foodies headed over to Kalayaan ave. cor Makati ave. to have a taste of the sumptuous buffet for themselves.

Now back with a bigger and better offer, Genji-M is once again the talk of the town with their two new latest promotions: The Timed Buffet Lunch Promo, and the Lean Hour Dinner Unlimited Promo.

genji m unlimited sushi sashimi buffet makati

Genji-M’s Latest Buffet Promos

The Ready Set Go Lunch Promotion is perfect for people on the go, raring to down one plate after the other. The buffet includes 6 Main Dishes, Salad, Rolls, and Maki, plus one glass of Iced Tea and a bowl of Miso Soup. You can even also take the challenge of the Timed Buffet if you eat really fast!

For the dinner promotion, you get treated to a discount of up to 20% off when you dine during the following hours: 4 PM – 6 PM (20% discount) and 8 PM – 9:30 PM (10% discount). Take note, this discount is available only during Friday – Sunday. Who said discounts are only for slow days?

genji m unlimited sushi sashimi buffet makati

A lot has changed since my last visit at Genji-M. The number of people visiting to enjoy their Unlimited offer of Sushi and Sashimi grew at an exponential rate, faster than we and the management have ever imagined. The sudden growth welcomed a change in the management, as well as a change in the head chef. I’ve also received word from some of my readers that they experienced slow service during their visit. While I acknowledge that this is their experience, it is important to take note that Genji-M is not a fast food restaurant. All dishes are prepared fresh upon ordering, to ensure the satisfaction of the customers. I’m sure that if you’re consider that most of the Japanese dishes that they serve are raw, you wouldn’t want to be having a ready-made sushi or sashimi. Sure, it takes time, but if it ensures the quality and freshness of the food, then I would not have it any other way. Keep in mind that slow serving of food is not tantamount to bad service.

What I liked especially is that despite the already irresistible and attractive offer of unlimited sushi and sashimi, the Genji-M chefs and crew are still looking for ways to innovate and offer new dishes to delight their customers. Also, for those who are not interested in jumping on the eat-all-you-can offer, here are some ala carte dishes you must try:

genji m unlimited sushi sashimi buffet makati

Genji-M’s Korean Bulgogi

genji m unlimited sushi sashimi buffet makati


These were just two of the many dishes that tickled my fancy, but there are so many others waiting to be tried and tasted! So as a treat, Genji-M is bringing back the Php 250 coupon for your next visit! Just print this coupon and present to the cashier. (Note: only valid for cash transactions)

genji m unlimited sushi sashimi buffet makati free coupon

Genji M Free Meal Coupon worth Php 250! Print and Present! Don’t forget to SHARE this with your friends!

So, go ahead and visit Genji-M at your most convenient time. Or give in to your cravings and don’t delay your visit! Eat until you drop and enjoy all the Japanese and Korean dishes that Genji-M has to offer.-HANA

PS: I’m pretty sure many of you guys have dropped by at Genji-M. What’s you favorite dish / sushi / sashimi? Sound off in the comments section below!

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