Meet the Newest Addition to Our Family

dom toy poodle pet dog

Meet my baby, Dom!

I’ve been wanting to get a dog for quite a while now, after all those years of being afraid of dogs. I finally overcame my fear of dogs and actively searched for a dog to take care of. It was hard to look for a dog that matched the photo of the dog I wanted in my head, and at times, it was depressing when day after day, there was no leads to the furbaby I want to call my own. But eventually, after giving a certain dog a second look, I realized it was the dog that I wanted all along!

dom toy poodle pet dog

So let me introduce you to my little baby boy, Dom!

Dom is a male toy poodle, and was born last April 15, making him a little over two months old. He joined our family last June 15, which coincided with this year’s Father’s Day. So my dad, my dad’s friend, and my friend Dennison helped me pick him up from a breeder who lived nearby.

dom toy poodle pet dog

Our first photo together

And when I picked him up and cuddled him close, I can tell that he wanted me to take him home! We had a great connection together, and… I just completely fell head over heels in love for this little boy. While the rest of the group was discussing about papers and vaccines and all that, I was just busy snuggling him in my arms, completely disconnected from the conversation. Who cares about papers and all that shiz?

dom toy poodle pet dog

Serious Dom is serious. Looks like he’s contemplating about some existential crisis of sorts.

I know I have lots to brush up on regarding pet care, especially potty training! And with my full-time work requiring me at least nine hours away from home, I only get to see this baby at night, so I’m putting my faith on our helper Anne, and my mom who spends the most time with him, to potty train him.

dom toy poodle pet dog

Our family photo for Father’s Day. Welcome to the family, Dom!

dom toy poodle pet dog

Happy Dom is happy!

dom toy poodle pet dog

Dom: Welp. Nothing to do here~

Welcome to the family, Dommie baby! I love you 

Like the proud fur mommy that I am, I’ll definitely be blogging about Dom’s adventures in the future! Hope you can show your love for Dom by leaving a comment for him in the comments section below! He can’t read yet, but I’ll promise I’ll read your comments to him. He’ll love it -HANA

3 comments to Meet the Newest Addition to Our Family

  • Kana  says:

    I know I’m supposed to comment about baby Dom…but your family pictures are awesome! I’m gonna see you very soon baby Dom!!!<3

  • christopher amo  says:

    wow so cute

  • Patteh  says:

    Cute ni Dom!! Sana makita ko na siya soon. ♥

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