California Pizza Kitchen Dinner at Bonifacio High Street (BGC, Taguig City)

California Pizza Kitchen high street bhs fort taguig

California Pizza Kitchen’s The Original BBQ Chicken (Php 225 – Personal / Php 375 Regular Size)

Post-Godzilla and Magnum Cafe, Lester and I decided to grab a bite at California Pizza Kitchen, Bonifacio High Street, some walking distance from SM Aura Premier. Having had our desserts first, we weren’t extremely hungry. But when we got there and was informed that my GC for a Personal Size pizza can only get us an 8-in pizza, we decided to order some more.

When the Original BBQ Chicken in Personal size came, we realized what a huge mistake ordering two extra dishes was. The staff made it seem like an 8-n pizza was small, but it was actually just enough for two people who weren’t hungry to begin with! It tasted delicious and I particularly liked how the pizza was laced with plenty of chicken meat chunks. I didn’t have to go heavy mon the ketchup and the hot sauce too, because the pizza was tasty on its own.

California Pizza Kitchen high street bhs fort taguig

Baked Penne Florentine (Php 425)

The Baked Penne Florentine was our choice of pasta. The serving size was big enough to be shared by two people. I felt that it was a little dry, and would have wanted more sauce with it. The amount of cheese, though, was something CPK didn’t skimp on, with generous serving of melted mozarella, and augmented with a dose of parmesan cheese. Other toppings which include garlic chicken, broccoli florets, and mushroom, all helped make this a wonderfully tasting dish.

California Pizza Kitchen high street bhs fort taguig

Italian Meatball Sandwich (Php 450)

The nice thing about CPK’s sandwiches is that they automatically serve it on freshly baked foccacia bread, and a hefty serving of huge fries on the side. Because I was already so full from all the food that we’ve had, I wasn’t able to taste this sandwich anymore. Despite that, it’s the kind of sandwich I’d definitely have if I had more tummy space available. Meatball with melted mozarella and Queso quesadilla? This sandwich is just waiting to be obliterated.

California Pizza Kitchen high street bhs fort taguig

We had a great time hanging out at California Pizza Kitchen at BHS. The staff was very accommodating, too! We were having trouble taking our selfies, and they were quick to assist us in taking our photos. Not to mention, the manager paid us a visit during dinner to ask us for our feedback on the food and the dining experience. I love it when they do that, because it shows that the establishment actually cares about what their customers think, and is not only running the business for the money. Because at the end of the day, it’s still always about the customer.-HANA

PS: How about you? Do you have a California Pizza Kitchen story to tell? Sound off in the comments section below!

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