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PR–What does a smartphone search of possible barkada summer getaways show us? Well, there are both new and familiar places we can find:


The Philippines has many wonderful beaches apart from its most famous one, Boracay. There are those in Bohol, Palawan; as well as Nasugbu, Calatagan and Laiya in Batangas–you and your barkada can just take your pick.

For the longest time, Boracay has been THE summer destination for many of us, especially during the 1990s when it was fast-gaining popularity. And with good reason.  The fine, powdery white sand, the overall chill-out vibe, the sunsets—they  all seemed  like a summer dream come true.  The only downside for your barkada would be a) The crowds and b) The travel time and preparations.

With Boracay’s popularity—having been rated in international travel magazines—it  really is a crowded place. However, if you’ve planned for the trip well and maybe if you’re going there towards the end of the peak summer season, then maybe you won’t experience as much hassle.  Boracay already has a lot of loyal “pilgrims” who make it a point to go there each summer—and the trip is really worth it. Of course, if you’ve never been there, then that’s the best reason to go.

Fortunately, the Philippines has a lot of wonderful beaches. If your barkada is looking for beaches that are more easily and conveniently accessible, then there are two areas close to Metro Manila that you might check out:  Playa Calatagan and Playa Laiya, both of which are in Batangas. Getting there takes only about  2-3 hours, give or take – depending on the  traffic.  The beaches at Playa Laiya and Playa Calatagan are quite impressive: while the quality of the sand is not like Boracay’s, the color and texture are more than good enough and the waters are clean and crystal blue. The fact that you can go there on a day trip is a big plus factor.

Other beaches close to Metro Manila are found in Subic, which is about two hours away from the Metro.

Southern charms.  Boracay island lies South of the Philippines as part of Aklan province. However, there are other southern islands that can lay claim to being beach paradises. Two of the more popular places in the south when it comes to beaches are Cebu and Bohol. There’s Ibiza Beach Club in Cebu, for example, and then Panglao island in Bohol. An important advantage in choosing Cebu and Bohol is the presence of modern infrastructure and conveniences, especially cellular phone and Internet networks.


Need to escape the terrible heat? Baguio City has been the summer capital of the Philippines for more than a century. With its mix of modernity, American colonial history, and natural beauty, you and your friends will have a grand time capturing images and sharing memories.

Cooler climes. With the sweltering heat in Metro Manila, it makes sense to go somewhere cooler. And the top two destinations would be Baguio City and

Tagaytay. Baguio is, hands down, the cooler place because of its high elevation—it’s a city on a mountaintop. The more adventurous can even go farther North, towards Sagada or Banaue.

If you’d rather not go through the eight-hour land trip to Baguio, however, then Tagaytay is the ideal alternative.  Just two hours from Metro Manila, Tagaytay is a place for sight-seeing—particularly the awesome Taal Lake and Volcano—and cooling off. It’s also a wellness hub with several spas operating there.

Natural wonders. Nature’s unspoiled beauty take center stage in places like Palawan and Davao. Besides the beaches, there are breath-taking sights of islands, seas, forests, and rivers.  If you and your barkada are game for something more adventurous and opt to journey through roads less travelled, then why not go backpacking? The website www.backpackingpilipinas.com provides useful information on how to do just that.


You don’t have to travel far for a quick getaway from the sweltering heat. Just two and a half hours from Manila you can reach the highlands of Tagaytay and treat yourself to a view of Taal Lake. Cool mountain breezes are sure to refresh you as you enjoy local sights and delicacies.

Before your barkada go off for a weekend, however, make sure to bring your smartphones. These are already essential travel items not only for sharing  images and  comments on the Internet,  but more importantly, they provide the means for important communication while traveling—both for the sake of enjoyment and safety.

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