Baked Fried Chicken and More at Stackers Burger Cafe, Eastwood (Quezon City)

Stackers Burger Cafe baked fried chicken

Stackers Burger Cafe at Eastwood, Quezon City

In this day and age of healthier living, settling for fast food, while cheap and convenient, never contributed to anyone’s cause to lose weight and go on a diet. Which is why casual eaters who are looking to adapt a healthier lifestyle is making the discovery that is Stackers Burger Cafe. Stackers takes pride in being labeled as a “fast food that is not a fast food,” making it extremely appealing for the generation that’s always on the go.

Stackers Burger Cafe baked fried chicken eastwood

Stackers’ Baked Fried Chicken

If I had to describe Stackers in six words, it would have to be “Casual dining meets healthy comfort food”. One of their most popular offerings is the Stackers’ Baked Fried Chicken, which boasts of being cooked with 80% less oil. The Baked Fried Chicken has been a mainstay in their menu for two years now, and is still the only Baked Fried Chicken available in the market, as their competitors have yet to get hold of the secret behind the satisfying chicken recipe.

Stackers Burger Cafe baked fried chicken

Stackers’ Baked Fried Chicken Jumbo Stack (Php 1050 for 15 pieces)

I braced myself as the attendant laid this huge Jumbo Stack of Baked Fried Chicken. I didn’t know what to expect with this one (since it’s my first time to have a taste of the famous BFC), but that’s what make unboxing more fun, isn’t it?

Stackers Burger Cafe baked fried chicken

Ta-da! 15 Jumbo pieces of BFC, served hot and fresh

As I took off the lid of the box, I was overjoyed by what was inside: 15 huge chicken parts served fresh and hot! When other restaurants would want to serve you their smallest parts, Stackers make it a point to give you the biggest they have! the photo of the BFC in their ad earlier was totally misleading: these BFCs are huge!

Stackers Burger Cafe baked fried chicken

This is already one of the smallest pieces in the bunch. Still huge, so you do get good value for money.

The texture of the chicken skin immediately stood out for me as one of the defining qualities of the Baked Fried Chicken. It was delicious, a little floury and somewhat dry, but underneath the skin lies the juicy and flavorful meat. You can quickly feel it, that this chicken is different in such a way that its skin is not trying to lessen your number of years on this planet. It was tasty without ketchup or gravy, but being the gravy girl that I am, I had to ask for some. I’m glad I did, because even their gravy is noteworthy. It’s different from the usual, and you can just tell the first time it meets your taste buds. Yes, I am now a fan of Stackers’ gravy.

When you do the math, it’s only Php 70 per piece when you buy a BFC Jumbo Stack (without rice). The price difference is negligible when placed next to the usual fast food favorites, so why not opt for the healthier alternative that gives more value for money? Plus, you also get to choose between Original and Spicy. The spicy would definitely be the more mouthwatering (literally?) between the two!

The packaging was not to be missed as well. I can imagine the BFC becoming a default item during parties and overnights, and even takeout and deliveries for a big group of people.

Stackers Burger Cafe chicken tenders salad eastwood

Chicken Tenders Salad (Php 165)

Despite being a burger joint, Stackers Burger Cafe also has salads, pastas, and more. We just had to try their Chicken Tenders Salad, and I was smitten by their sweet Mango dressing that set the whole oriental vibe for the dish. The oriental sauce was drizzled all over shredded cabbage, lettuce greens, and carrots. This salad dish would be a great choice for kids (and adults!) who are not fond of eating vegetables! It’s also big enough for sharing between two people, but if you’re a big salad eater, you can finish this without help from another. This, hands down, makes it to my list of my favorite salads (and I have very few, because, er, I’m not a huge fan of salads :)

Stackers Burger Cafe jack burger eastwood

The Jack Burger (Single Php 195 / Double Php 275)

The Stackers Jack Burger is their bestseller among their wide variety of burgers. It comes in two sizes: single and double, determined by the number of hefty patties you want on your burger. There just isn’t anything to like about this burger. It has sauteed mushroom and crispy bacon on top of a thick and juicy meat patty. I did not find the need to smother it with ketchup and hot sauce, and that says a lot. The buns were tasty, and the greens were fresh, and everything about it kept me wishing I ordered a double!

Stackers Burger Cafe eastwood

Coffee Oreo (Php 118) and Stackers Iced Tea (Php 48 for Medium and Php 60 for Large)

For drinks, I had the Coffee Oreo Milkshake and it helped quenched my thirst on such a humid day. However, Stackers’ Iced Tea was perfect. It’s affordably priced and even sold cheaper compared to most restaurants and fast food, but it has this healthy brew quality that tells you it isn’t powdered iced tea. Stackers’ Iced Tea tasted very similar to that of Starbucks (which I love), only a little sweeter.

Price Range: Php 250

I regret steering away for so long from Stackers because of the misconception that it was expensive, but I’m happy that I have now made this discovery. Instead of the usual buckets for parties or events, I’ll go with a Stackers’ BFC Stack instead! Healthier, and competitively priced, and they have better gravy, too! However, keep in mind that the Baked Fried Chicken is best consumed within three to five hours from purchase to fully enjoy that crispy chicken skin texture.

What’s next? There’s the towering Penthouse with six hardcore beef patties to conquer, and the Crazy Deluxe Burger to try.

With the Stackers’ Baked Fried Chicken prepared with 80% less oil, dining is enjoyable and guiltless. Thank you, Stackers Burger Cafe, for coming up with the healthier alternative that is BFC!

Forever grateful and your newest convert,


PS: Have you eaten at Stacker before? What are your Stackers favorites? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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