Aquabest and Evee for Beauty and Wellness

aquabest granderized water pure alkaline

Aquabest’s Researcher Dante Sarte explains why the Aquabest Granderized Water is the best for the consumers’ health.

Did you know that drinking acidic water is found to be a  contributing factor to some diseases?

This is why Aquabest has now developed Granderized Water, safe for drinking and has been found to have better absorption rates by the body. It is also Alkaline in nature, eliminating the risks that acidic water poses to our health. Not only that, but they’ve made sure that the Granderized water is pure and has very few minerals and contaminants in the water. This development is all thanks to the Grander Technology from Austria that allowed changes in the molecular structure of the water and make this healthier alternative possible.

When water is better absorbed by the body, it helps replenish and rejuvenate the cells more effectively. Not only that, but water is considered to be a beauty secret by many celebrities and skin care experts. It is undoubtedly one of the cheapest resources that can ultimately improve our health if we stick to the recommended amount of water to be consumed per day.

evee lumina white skincare beauty

Up and coming skincare brand, evee, launches Lumina White. The” Lumina White” line comes with a face tonic, night cream, day cream, and cleansing bar.

On another note, skincare brand evee has launched their “Lumina White” line, a comprehensive facial care line developed to suit the needs of Asian skin, which is particularly sensitive to the effects of the sun. The promise of Lumina White line is skin that meets the ideals of Asian beauty: very fair, bright, and blemish-free.

evee lumina white skincare beauty

More Filipinas would definitely be delighted to know that they can now achieve whitening results in as early as one week. With the evee “Lumina White Quick Result Kit”, you get to appreciate lightening of your skin color after just a week of continuous use. For the body, they have three lotion variants to suit your needs: Skin relax with Cherry Blossom extract, Skin Regen with Apricot extract, and Skin Soft with goat’s milk.

evee lumina white skincare beauty

Learn more about evee by visiting the evee website.-HANA

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