X-MEN: Days of Future Past

X-Men Evolution Rogue

X-Men Evolution Rogue-Inspired FOTD / OOTD

Hello~ I tried my best to recreate Rogue’s ensemble in X-Men Evolution (yup, the animation) using items in my wardrobe. Apologies for the inaccuracy. I wasn’t trying to cosplay her anyway :p I did try to paint my hair white, but my hair spray wasn’t as cooperative as I wanted it to be. :3

rogue anna marie ootd inspired

Rogue in X-Men Evolution is different from the character Anna Paquin portrays in the movies. In the series, she is aloof, sarcastic, and has a hard time trusting people. She takes on a gothic fashion style in the animation series.

rogue anna marie ootd inspired

Also, I can’t photoshop to save my life. But I tried. :D

Excited for the latest X-Men movie! Watch the trailer of X-Men: Days of Future Past below:

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