[Review] Steak Dining at Chops Chicago Steakhouse (Greenbelt 5, Makati City)

chops chicago steakhouse greenbelt makati

Review: Chops Chicago Steakhouse, 4/F Greenbelt 5, Makati City

Since its opening in 2011, Chops Chicago Steakhouse has been held in high regard by foodies and bloggers who love their meat. Located on the topmost floor of Greenbelt 5 with only less than a handful of other restaurants in that level, dining at Chops will not fail to make you feel the exclusivity of partaking a feast of steaks.

chops chicago steakhouse greenbelt makati

Inside Chops Chicago Steakhouse

I dropped by for a visit with two other bloggers and some friends from Inquirer at lunch time on a Friday. It was 12 in the afternoon and the place was packed. I was running late for our lunch meeting, but found my friends seated inside the small glass-encased space that was being used as a function room. We had a long wooded table that stood about 4 feet tall, and had high chairs to match it. Outside the function room, they had smaller and shorter tables available for a smaller group of dining guests.

They also had a bar where you can sit around and enjoy drinks and watch TV. At the bar, they had white and red lamps hanging overhead and lent class to the place. Near the entrance, a white sofa was available for guests waiting for their turn to be seated. Guests can read magazines or the day’s newspapers while they wait.

chops chicago steakhouse menu

Bruschetta (Php 375)


Of course, the purpose of my visit to Chops was not only to sample their premium steaks, but also highlight their non-steak dishes.

First up was the Bruschetta, which I immensely enjoyed. The Bruschetta was composed of smoked bacon, fuji apples, arugula salad, seared foie gras, and red onion balsamic dressing. It was the combination of the sweet fuji apples and smoked bacon that made this appetizer catch my fancy.

chops chicago steakhouse menu

The Bone Marrow (Php 295)

I’ve never been fond of spooning and poking bone marrow out of the bone, so I’m not really a big fan of bone marrow. This is the first time I’ve eaten bone marrow with it practically calling out to be eaten.With the bone cut transversely in half, I don’t have any excuse not to enjoy this roasted bone marrow goodness.

chops chicago steakhouse menu

Halsted Greek Salad (Php 395)

The caramelized walnuts made the Halsted Greek Salad extra perfect. This salad is even big enough to be shared by two to three people prior to a heavy meal.

chops chicago steakhouse menu

Kurobuta Bacon Slab (Php 825)

There used to be a time I told my blogger friends, “I don’t even like bacon.” and they turned to me like I said something blasphemous. But they did understand, saying that I might not have met the bacon cooked just the way I liked. I fotunately (or unfortunately) found the Kurobuta Bacon Slab, just THE bacon that broke my bacon-hating curse. The Kurobuta Bacon Slab is 100% purebred Berkshire breed pork belly, cured, smoked, and charbroiled, just so that I can finally enjoy bacon (kidding). This was a piece of heaven on earth, but is now in my stomach. Sorry. :p

chops chicago steakhouse menu

Sidings: Creamed Spinach with Organic Egg (Php 180)

The Creamed Spinach with Organic Egg was really good. I’m biased, given the fact that I love Spinach-based dishes, and that the dish was extremely creamy and generously sprinkled with cheese. Sad that it’s only a side dish, when I can finish bigger portions of this. But who says I can’t order more?

chops chicago steakhouse menu

Chop’s Tomahawk Steak (Price Upon Request)

When they rolled out this huge baby, the Chop’s Tomahawk Steak, all of us were in a state of awe. It was humongous, that I am sure you need at least five hungry people to consume this huge slab of meat. It was done medium, and had the perfect texture and juiciness that I could ever want for a steak. Of course, we had it sliced before we devoured our shares. I’m not so sure about the price, but a steak this size is probably valued at around Php 2500 up.

chops chicago steakhouse menu shangri-la

Chilean Seabass (Php 990)

We had the Chilean Seabass as our final dish before we threw in the towel to save space for desserts. People who are meat-averse might enjoy going for this signature entree of Chops. Seabass dishes can get a little pricey, but for the quality of the fish, as well as the preparation and cooking, it’s worth it. The fried oyster mushroom and soft steamed asparagus sticks made this dish even more enjoyable. The seabass itself did not pack in a lot of taste, but with the help of the hoisin ginger sauce, became even tastier.

chops chicago steakhouse menu shangri-la

Dr. Pepper!

I’m glad they served Dr. Pepper for the drinks. It was because of that that I rekindled my love for Dr. Pepper. <3 Really good stuff. I had close to three cans of it.

chops chicago steakhouse menu shangri-la

Banana Cream Pie (Php 195)

Desserts tagged as ‘Temptations’ on Chops’ menu proved they were irresistibly tempting with every forkful you bite into. We had the Banana Cream Pie and the Root Beer Cake. The Banana Cream Pie sat on a graham chocolate crust, with banana cream custard, toffee and caramel, tropical banana, peanut brittle, and whipped cream. It tasted so good that we wanted to order one for each of us! It wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet like most caramel-based dessert, and you can tell how smitten we were with the speed and execution of consuming this dessert.

chops chicago steakhouse menu shangri-la

Root beer Cake (Php 245)

And when we were done with it, we moved on to devouring the Root Beer Cake. I honestly admit I had low expectations of this dessert, until Kenny and Alwin could not stop telling me about how good this was. And when I finally scooped a brownie chunk and sank my teeth into it, I instantly changed my mind. It was so much better than the first dessert we had, and the Banana Cream Pie was already so good! Imagine a lava cake inside a root beer glass instead of atop a dessert plate. And if you recognize the Dark Chocolate Cigar from Liberty New York Steakhouse, that’s because they’re under the same management, and the Dark Chocolate Cigar had a lot of fans from Chops, which was why they decided to also include it on Liberty’s menu. I look forward to trying Chops’ other desserts like the Cheddar Apple Pie and the Menage a Trois.

One of the things I really liked about Chops (and Liberty, for that matter) is the presentation of their dishes. They made sure to serve it on chopboards that bore the name of the restaurant, making it an effective marketing strategy, especially when dining guests snap a photo of their food and share it online.

As for the food, Chops had everything spot on! There was none that I remotely disliked or did not fawn over. Everything tasted top class and I immensely enjoyed my meal.

Price Range: Php 800-2000/head

Expect that to enjoy a satisfying meal at Chops Chicago Steakhouse, one might have to dish out as much as Php 800-2000 per head. That’s not cheap at all, but for the ambiance, the great food and excellent service, the pleasure of enjoyable dining is priceless.-HANA

Chops Chicago Steakhouse
4th Level, Greenbelt 5, Greenbelt Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St., Ayala Center, Makati City
Contact no. (02) 945 8088
Open from Monday – Sunday 11 AM – 11 PM
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