Mister Donut Media Night

Last May 7, our friends from Mister Donut invited us to a Media Night at Mister Donut Megamall Branch. It was a special event because members of the media will get to watch the much awaited The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie in an exclusive screening. Since I already watched it two weeks ago, I gave away my passes to my dad and my cousin. But I made sure to drop by and find out the latest additions to Mister Donut’s menu.

Mister Donut’s Beef Tapa (Php 90)

First up is Mister Donut’s Breakfast Tapa, priced at Php 90. They also have an ongoing promo from 11 AM – 2 PM wherein you can purchase the Beef Tapa and a cup of drink for only Php 99. Ever since I’ve heard about the Beef Tapa, I’ve been meaning to drop by the store and have a taste of Mister Donut’s first attempt at a breakfast rice meal. Unfortunately, I made the wrong assumption that it was only available from 7 AM – 11 AM. During the media night, I found out that it was available all day, at a very affordable price. One of the things I immediately noticed was the huge serving. The taste doesn’t fall flat at all. I definitely recommend this dish, especially because you’re getting good value for money with the Beef Tapa.

(From Top, L-R) Candy Sprinkles, Blueberry Crunch, Choconut Chunks, and Caramel Crush (Php 25 each)

We were also introduced to the Fun Tops, the newest line of donuts from Mister Donuts. It comes in four flavors, namely: the Candy Sprinkles, Blueberry Crunch, Choconut Chunks, and Caramel Crush. Each donut is priced at Php 25 each. I found that even though it’s much cheaper than donuts from more high-end donut places, the quality of these fun-tops can surely compete with the more expensive donuts. My favorite among the four would have to be the Blueberry Crunch. The Blueberry Crunch has blueberry glaze on top of the donut, sprinkled with chocolate caviar on one side. It tasted almost like raspberry, and reminded me of the donuts I used to love when I was younger.

Spider-man Donuts

Mister Donut also cooked up Spider-Man inspired bavarian-filled donuts for everyone. At Php 12 each, you can take your Spider-Man fandom to the next level (yes, really, by eating Spider-Man limited edition donuts :) And if you purchase seven pieces of this limited edition donuts and add Php 45, you have the choice of receiving a Super heroes lunchbox of The Amazing Spider-Man or a food keeper and tumbler set. That’s a really good treat for all fans of the witty web-slinger.

Thanks again to Mister Donuts for organizing this exclusive treat for us! My dad and cousin had a great time watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and my cousin can’t stop talking about it (or Emma Stone, I can’t really tell). Til next time!-HANA

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