Team Manila x Caritas Segunda Mana Introduces D/Date

d/date fashion expiration team manila

Team Manila x Caritas Segunda Mana Introduces D/Date: Fashion with an Expiration

Ever heard of a clothing apparel that expires after a certain period of time? I bet not. This interesting new concept from Caritas Segunda Mana, one of the country’s largest charities dealing with in-kind donations, and creative agency Di9it aims to promote the habit of wearing and sharing with D/DATE.

D/DATE, which stands for Donation Date, indicates a reasonable time to donate an item of clothing. This addresses two problems when it comes to clothing donations: one is that people tend to donate only during times of calamities and disasters, and two, is that many people only donate items that are no longer wearable or usable. This does not only benefit the poor, but also those who buys D/DATE items as well. If the owner of the D/DATE item surrenders the item at the store it was purchased from, s/he gets a discount on his/her next purchase. Can sharing get any cooler? Plus, it keeps your wardrobe updated.

d/date fashion expiration team manila

Team Manila x D/DATE


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d/date fashion expiration team manila

Team Manila’s D/DATE line featuring four hip shirt designs

Team Manila is the first retailer to make D/DATE happen. With four iconic shirt designs for their D/DATE line, the shirts will easily be a hit among the youth, and bolster the initiative of promoting the good habit of wearing and sharing.

I have high hopes for this project and look forward to other retailers making the move to team up with Caritas Segunda Mana. This is a great way to give back, and the items make awesome gifts, too! It takes very little to help and share to those in need. Who knew it was as easy as buying a shirt for yourself, nowadays?-HANA

d/date fashion expiration team manila

Haven’t purchased your very own D/DATE shirt yet? Support the initiative by heading over to Team Manila today!

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4 comments to Team Manila x Caritas Segunda Mana Introduces D/Date

  • crystal cruz  says:

    ohhh wanna buy asap..

  • Aegeane Brioso  says:

    Super cute ng mga shirt. Lalabas talaga yung dugong pagkapinoy. i love how nationalistic the designer is. Ganda ng pagkakagawa, wanna buy some soon. My father will surely love this :)

  • Paula Alagao  says:

    Wow! Such a nice idea! It not only a help a lot of people but truly this is proudly Pinoy idea! Great! :)

  • kevin michael huffer  says:

    THATS A NICE SHIRT right there :-)

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