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So Roch of RochKirstin.com tagged me with a nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award, and I just had to take part. It’s a great exercise to get people sharing more about themselves, and give the blog a personal touch (if it isn’t personal enough!) If you want to take part in the tag, simply follow the rules below:

1. Post a picture of the Sunshine Award

2. Link back to the blogger who nominated you
3. Share 11 random facts about yourself
4. Answer questions posted by the blogger who nominated you
5. Nominate 11 bloggers (no tag backs) and let them know about your post
6. Write 11 questions for your nominated bloggers

11 Random Facts About Myself (That I think Most People Do Not Know About… Yet)

This photo needs more ketchup!

1. I love ketchup. I cannot live without ketchup in my life. I can consume ten sachets of ketchup for one burger.

2. When I’m sad and feeling lonely, I get up and go to the nearest book store to buy a book. That’s a sure fire way to cheer myself up.

3. I’m very short, and truth be told, I sometimes I feel insecure about it. Especially because I enjoy modeling and posing for the cameras, and height is always a factor. But then again, I’ve gotten used to it and think it’s an asset than a liability. Being short has also pushed me to exercise at least fifteen to twenty minutes a day. It’s just so difficult to be short and fat.

I love my ice cream melted, thank you very much.

4. I’m cold-intolerant, and I don’t sweat as much compared to other people during sweltering days. With that said, I don’t drink cold water. I also don’t enjoy food that is too cold or too hot, just like Goldilocks. :)

5. I’m sentimental. And like most sentimental people, I’m a pack rat. I hold on to things and memories that doesn’t serve me anymore.

6.  I don’t find the need to drive, but I understand the need to learn the skill. I’m just not the type who’d drive for myself when I can get someone else to do it. I enjoy looking at the surroundings or sleeping during the trip.

2011 Planner~

7. I don’t keep a diary or a planner, but I always have a small notebook and a pen with me, and before the year ends, I make it a point to buy myself a new one.

Having a fun buffet experience with friends > Going to the beach. What summer body?

8. The beach isn’t my first choice of destination for the summer. I’d rather go for activities within the metro, and go places that doesn’t consume too much time. I will choose the pool over the beach any day.

9. People are almost always surprised to find out that I met 2/2 of my past boyfriends online. What? I spend a lot of time online :)) Now I’m alone, and this is why I love workdays. I don’t have trouble sleeping at night because I’m so tired when I get home. I don’t have to be plagued by self-defeating thoughts like never finding another person who’ll love me as much as the first one did, or never finding another person who I’ll love as much as my second one. Now I’m just happy to not be feeling anything and at the same time, scared that I will find someone who will love me so much and who I will love so much.

Happy Lemon’s Cocoa and Rocksalt and Cheese~

10. I love having NYFD fries when I watch movies in the cinemas. And a Large Cocoa with Rocksalt and Cheese from Happy Lemon, please.

11. One of the anime characters I can closely relate to is Mirai Kuriyama from the anime series Kyoukai no Kanata. It’s funny because she rants a lot on her blog as well! But in one episode, I was reminded of the real reason why I blog: and that’s to share and spread the happy memories I’ve made. It’s not always going to be easy and fun, but when I’ve earned those good times, I’m not going to keep it to myself. I will make sure to share it to the world!

Yes, especially when there’s free food involved. :P

Here’s my answer to Roch’s 11 Questions:

1. Where do you want to travel next? Definitely Thailand. I’m going there with my best friend for our joint birthday celebration! Can’t wait to try all the uber spicy and authentic Thai dishes!
2. What’s your top three most favorite restaurants? Silom Thai, Masuki in Binondo, and Ramen Nagi.
3. Are you afraid of ghosts? Yes, but I haven’t seen any, so…
4. If you have a billion dollars, what would you do with it? Invest it in a business, and retire.
5. What are you most grateful for? I’m most grateful for the opportunities that come my way, thanks to blogging. Even my current job was a big factor in bagging me the position.
6. If you knew that everyone you know was going to die tomorrow, who would you visit today? My best friend.
7. What are some of your hobbies? Blogging (duh.), Cosplaying (still!)
8. What is one habit you want to break? Shifting from one career to another just because I can.
9. Would you rather yourself be less attractive and extremely intelligent or extremely attractive and less intelligent? Both can make you money, but only one will last. So I say, less attractive and extremely intelligent.
10. What is the best gift you’ve ever given? I pay for my mom’s insurance to give her peace of mind. So that’s probably the best gift I can give her.

My 11 Nominated Bloggers:

1. Alice of PhotoExcape

2. Kamila of Batbutt

3. Monica of Gong-ju Monica

4. Kenny of Life Is Kulayful

5. Ay Lin of The Daily Posh

6. Jen Maslang of Shop Girl Jen

7. FPJ of Manual To Lyf

8. Wilma of Oh So Petite!

9. Rochelle of Rochelle Rivera

Questions to My Nominated Bloggers:

1. What do you not leave home without?

2. What is your comfort food?

3. If you can give an advice to your younger self, what would it be?

4. Who is your favorite person in the world?

5. What do you like the most about yourself?

6. What place do you consider your “Happy Place” and why?

7. Would you change anything in the past? Why or why not?

8. What special skill or talent do you have that not a lot of people know about?

9. What would you not do for love?

10. When are you happiest?

11. So far, what is the best thing that has happened to you this year?

Have fun doing the tag! :D And don’t forget to pay it forward :)

19 comments to Tagged! Nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award

  • Jeff Frias  says:

    1. I don’t know how to swim because I am afraid of drowning.
    2. I don’t know how to ride a bike cause I am afraid of getting hurt.
    3. I don’t eat okra! Ever! Its slimy.
    4. I never experience playing on the street until I reach 10 years old.
    5. I got electrocuted when I was 5.
    6. I recorded my voice when I was 4 on a casette tape and listen to it everyday.
    7. I love reading reference materials like encyclopedia, almanac or atlas .
    8. I memorized all the 151 pokemon from the first generation when I was in Grade 4.
    9. I always imagine myself having super powers. Who would have not?
    10. I am biting my nails until 2012.
    11. I only have 50 pesos for lunch money when I was in highschool until college.

    • dollhana  says:

      Hello Doumeki! Really, you don’t know how to swim? Pano yun pag outing ng POS? Tampisaw lang? Haha Apir dalawa na tayo kung ganon :P

      So, what super power would you like to have?

      • Jeff Frias  says:


        Yeah lublob lublob lang. Basa basa konti ahaha. Yeah my brother tried teaching me pero I am too afraid to try. May experience na kasi ako na muntik malunod kaya siguro ayun ayoko na haha. Super powers naman, I want to have the ability to teleport, control the weather or telekinesis maybe.

  • Shane Macalalad  says:

    11 Random Facts About Myself (That I think Most People Do Not Know About… Yet)

    1. I am Chocolate Addict! just Chocolate or with Nuts I dont like chocolates with lots of stuff in it like strawberies or something i just wanted it to be plain or with nuts…

    2. I dont eat Ube, Leche Flan, Fruit Salad, Gelatin and other sweets like Nata de Coco or Macapuno the one you will find in every fiesta… I dont know why I just dont like to eat them…

    3. I have phobia in worms, snakes and other slimy, wet or sticky living things… I really really hate worms!!! I I’d rather to like mosquitoes than worms… huhuhu…

    4. I really love to make letter for my friends and keep them in my box… I love to keep them for more years and read them all over again whenever i am lonely…

    5. I am scared to heights… I really dont like to ride on a roller coaster or in a ferris wheel I feel like i am going to die… It is ok with me to watch them enjoy the rides that be with them riding on that scarry big things…

    6. I really love to watch detective conan all over again… He is my ultimate crush..!!!

    7. I’d rather to stay at home than to go to the beach or mall… I am contented stayin at home watching movies or net surfing eating chocolates…

    8. I love Veggies!!! I’d rather to eat veggies everyday than meats…!!!

    9. I cant sleep without my blanket even if its hot i am using my blanket.. i really really cant sleep without a blanket promise!!!

    10. I only to eat chocolate, pistachio and coffee flavored ice cream.. that’s it!

    11. and Lastly, I have a mild Alopecia Areata…I have it since i was 7 years old and as of now it is still with me… I hope i will find a product that will treat my alopecia…

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Shane! Looks like you won’t be joining any Fear Factor-themed contests in the future with the random facts that you mentioned! Also, you’re just like my best friend who doesn’t like sweets but loves chocolate!

      About your Alopecia, how is Alopecia Areta different from just Alopecia? I’ve also written a review of Novuhair before, you might want to read my review and give that product a try. It’s a little pricey but it might help with your hair loss problem just like it did with mine :D http://dollhana.com/?s=novuhair

      • Shane Macalalad  says:

        Yes, definitely those reality tv shows is not my thing… yey! I am happy to know that I am not the only person who doesnt likes sweets but loves chocolates! I hope its normal.. hehehe… I just read some articles and they said that Alopecia areata is gradual hair loss desease and the hair around the patches may be broken and easily pulled out with brushing of the hair.The other one is
        Alopecia totalis which is hair loss is gradual form is often a continuation of patchy hair loss
        and Alopecia universalis this is the most advanced form of alopecia. This disorder involves the loss of body hair, scalp hair and eyelashes. I will try Novuhair i hope it will help my condition! Thank you HANA! :)

  • Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay  says:

    11 Random Facts about me

    D – Don’t know how to swim.
    O – Once I had eaten two boxes of pizza alone
    L – Long time ago, I had a crush on Romnick Sarmienta.
    L – Loves to play pretend that i’m cowgirl.

    H – Have been possessed by an evil spirit when i was 12.
    A – A major pet peeve is someone putting his feet on the table.
    N – Never eaten a guava.
    A – Always brings 20 pesos as emergency money.


    C – Chickens are the most scariest creature for me.
    O – One dream in life is to have a pet dolphin.
    M – My deepest secret, I have once eaten a fly.

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Clarice! Okay, that makes three of us here already who doesn’t know how to swim :P Interesting fact you have there of yourself re: being possessed when you were 12. Did it ever happen again?

      By the way, your deepest secret reminds me of a movie I watched. It’s called “13 Sins” and you can download it via torrent. It’s a nice movie, and I hope you’ll get the chance to watch it! :)

      • Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay  says:

        Thank God, it did not happen again and i am trying my best to a good girl na. Was so maldita back then. :)

  • Jelo Manongsong  says:

    Random Facts:

    1. I can create a cracking sound when I move my shoulders.
    2. I can imitate people’s voices even a cartoon character’s voices such as Patrick Star.
    3. I am super sensitive person. As in, very emotional! :(
    4. I always put Vicks on my nose before sleeping. I can’t sleep if I don’t have any Vicks on my bedside.
    5. I love eating Turon and any banana cooked desserts (Banana split, Bananacue, Banana con Yelo, Inihaw na Saging, etc.)
    6. I always finish all my food on my plate without a trace. Kasi sayang ang dami nagugutom. :)
    7. I have super backne that sometimes I don’t join in swimming trips back in high school and college. Kakahiya kasi haha
    8. I am weak when it comes to decision making.
    9. I always see the negative side of things in life.
    10. I love taking pictures of food kahit di pa uso noon ang Instagram.
    11. I love joining online contests. Kakaadik kasi haha.

  • Aegeane Brioso  says:

    11 random facts about me. :)

    1. I am afraid in music. Yes, music talaga. Everytime I hear loud music, promise, nashashock ako and cry. Kahit nung bata pa. Weird diba? :D
    2. Before, I auditioned as a vocalist in a band. But I was rejected and I felt that, that was the downfall of my voice. So after that event, I never ever sing again.
    3. I’m a consistent 1st honor in my elementary days.
    4. When I was child, I eat my hair. Thank God I stopped it na. :D
    5. I dream about being Miss Universe in the future.
    6. I never learned how to ride in a bicycle. Never! Nakakatakot sumemplang. :D
    7. I can put my two legs at the back of my head. Flexible! Hihi.
    8. When I’m sad and depress, it’s either I put nail polish on my nails or put make up on face. That will make me feel better :)
    9. I always cry. Even the smallest thing na hindi naman dapat iniiyakan, I cry a lot. Specially sa mga drama in movie or tv, I always ended up crying kahit hindi naman daw nakakaiyak. Emotional ako :)
    10. I also wanted to be a blogger someday when I finished my college. :)
    11. I am afraid of heights. Kahit sa mga hagdan sa mall lang, super nalulula na ako. Hindi ako nakakababa kapag walang hawakan, and my knees are always shaking sa takot na mahulog. Haha!

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Aegeane! I met you already so I can say that you should push for your dreams to join beauty pageants. You’re so pretty, and I’m sure you’ll be able to wow them with your talents. And I highly suggest you start blogging TODAY! A hobby like blogging shouldn’t have to wait until after college! Besides, it will help you a lot when you go job-hunting. Think of it as a portfolio of sorts.

      And we’re both emotional! Ako din naiiyak, pati sa mga walang kawawaang bagay like someone getting eliminated from American Idol. It’s like I have an empathy disorder, you feel for the person too much. :)

  • Phoebe Ruth Roberto  says:

    1. Hi! I actually smiled when I saw the first one on your List.
    I don’t use ketchup while eating fries. For Real! :) Sometimes I feel like telling the cashier lady not to put them anymore but they always do, so it’s the ketchup that I bring home without the fries (ubos ko na eh hahaha). Reason: I used to watch couples eating fries and it’s always the guy who opens the ketchup for both of them. Funny to say pero I’m still waiting for that guy to open that for me. I never told this to anybody. When they ask me why I don’t use it, I just say i find it too sour. hahaha
    2. I don’t drink coffee.
    3. I haven’t been on a Swimming Pool for 5 years now due to my allergy.
    4. I loooooove Milk Teaaaaaa. My mom said it’s too expensive for a drink, but I believe anything worth having is worth paying for. :)
    5. I encountered robbers twice while riding the bus. For those two separate scenarios, both of them sat next to me.
    Thank God, I survived along with my stuff.
    6. I’m a girl and I can do the rap songs of Gloc-9, Abra, and Usher.
    7. I like eating spicy foods up to the point that it makes me cry.
    8. I usually take a picture of my food, upload it on my fb account, and Click the Settings: Visible “Only ME”.
    9. I like going to malls ALONE. Hahaha
    10. My first dream is to become an Anime Artist.
    11. My wildest dream is to win a Noble Peace Prize Award! XD

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Phoebe! Woah your random facts are incredible :)) Like knowing how to rap, and having the experience of getting robbed! And your first fact is funny. I’d do that, but I really need ketchup in my life :)) You can give me your ketchup if you don’t want it :P

  • kevin michael huffer  says:

    1. As an American , I cannot leave without eating pizza!! Pizza Hut Stuffed Pan Pizza is my favortite! nomnomnom

    2.Just like HANA, i love eating melted ice cream !!

    3. Not to rush things. I have ADD thats why! lol

    4. My favorite person in the world is my mom because she is a SUPERWOMAN!

    5. I love travelling and before I die I need to make sure I have visited as many places as I could.

    6. Charitable institution like GAWAD Kalinga is a happy place because helping other people makes me feel happy and seeing them smiling because of you makes me feel a better person inside and out

    7. No because everything happens for a reason and what made me a better person that I am is because of the wrong roads you’ve taken and the challenging ones as well

    8.I can play the guitar woot woot! I am an aspiring singer/guitarist! lol

    9.Forcing someone to love me

    10. When I make other people happy especially kids.

    11.3rd year here in the Philippines and I’m still alive and kicking . I love the Philippines and I wanna meet my favorite blogger HANA in person!

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Kevin! I love reading your comments on my blog. Thanks for always taking time to comment :) So what place would you like to visit soon? :D

  • Liezel Salem  says:

    11 Ramdom Facts:

    1. I don’t eat TAHONG/MUSSEL
    2. I love Sunflower so lagi akong nagtatanim ng Sunflower sa mga free spaces.
    3. I also love melted ice cream
    4. Gusto ko maging MYX VJ in the future.
    5. I Love KPOP! i waste my time stalking EXO, 2NE1, BTS, BIGBANG etc.
    6. I don’t wear Jeans!kasi mainit sa Legs.
    7. Nakakaubos ako ng 100 na Crinkles isang upuan lang :D
    8. Natututo akong lumangoy dahil sa Swimming Pool namin sa bahay yung binobombahan lang XD at maliit pa.
    9. Addict ako sa mga Maliliit na bagay lalo na yung cute.
    10. I don’t like reading books, titignan ko lang yung title and then icoclose ko na.
    11. I love Cooking. kahit na tulog ako basta pagluluto tatayo ako at ipagluluto ko sila.

  • Eddielli Bungay  says:

    1. I play the piano when I during my elementary & highschool days. Now I don’t have the strength to play it anymore. The piano where I was practicing was a pamana from my grandma who died at the age of 91. Yes 70 years old na po yung piano.
    2. I prefer reading books more than watching movies. Mas lumalaawak kasi ang imagination mo kapag nagbabasa ka.
    3. I don’t eat vegetables. I don’t know why.
    4. I don’t play sports. The only sports I played was chess. Although syempre nagtry ako ng ibang sports like basketball, volleyball but I never played them again.
    5. I collect books of Filipino Author like Bob Ong, HaveYouSeenThisGirl, etc.
    6. I got depressed easily. And prayer to God is my medicine.
    7. I’m 24 years old and I still have no boyfriend since birth. I’m afraid of rejection and commitments.
    8. I am an introvert. I prefer being alone often. But that does not I am not open for friendships. I just don’t like being taken for granted.
    9. I have an online shop. It makes me busy now that I am still unemployed and still applying a job na angkop sa natapos kong kurso, BSN.
    10. My sister is my best friend. Sya lng yung pinagkakatiwalaan ko.
    11. I believe that I am destined to become a nurse, eventhough that from the start that I takes a BSN course I really hate it. I like serving filipino people especially when they are at the hospital beacuse of their sickness.
    That’s all!

  • Paula Alagao  says:

    11 Random Facts about me:

    1.I’m a miracle baby and at the same time ‘Suhi’. I was born with the first feet in the home of my grandparents in the province. At that time, there was no hospital and it was New Year’s Eve.

    2. Teddy bear is not allowed to me. I got allergies with stuff toys. :(

    3. No dipping with vinegar. I eat foods with vinegar but if I’m going to dip a chicharon for example, I won’t. Even the smell, I couldn’t stand it.

    4. I enjoy romantic movies and shows but when it comes to the part of kissing, you won’t see me watching it. Weird right?

    5. Not good in driving but count me in with the directions. I can’t drive alone but when you ask me with the streets even though it was my first time I know where it is when we go pass along there again.

    6. Old things is always in for me. Most of my stuffs are in released in early 2000’s.

    7. I’m frustrated violinist. I want to learn how to play a violin.

    8. Don’t leave me near book stores or book stands because I’m a bibliophile. I love reading and buying books that it even makes my pockets empty.

    9. I’m a certified Daniel Radcliffe’s fan. I wrote him letters which I sent to United Kingdom. In returned, I got newsletter and a huge photo from him!

    10. No to Onion. I seriously don’t eat onion because I can’t stand the taste.

    11. I bite my nails especially when I’m in deep thinking. I know it is such a bad habit.

    I hope you enjoy reading my entry Miss Hana! :)

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