Review: Premium Spa Experience at Toccare Spa, Best Western Plus Antel Hotel (Makati City)

Review: Premium Spa Experience at Toccare Spa, Best Western Plus Antel Hotel (Makati City)

As we explored the amenities of the three towers of the Best Western Plus Antel Hotel in Makati, we came across Toccare Spa at the fourth level of the Antel Spa Suites. With the promise of a relaxing time, it drew us in like bees to a honey. In Italian, the word toccare means “touch” (thank you, Ira!) And with that, the Toccare Spa in Makati aims to be your destination sanctuary at the heart of one of the busiest cities in Manila.

Toccare Spa’s Lounge

Jacuzzi, anyone?

We went around the spa and explored the themed rooms we can choose from. We were told that all spa rooms have healing gem stones placed inside to promote healing and rejuvenation. They have couple rooms and separate male and female common rooms, too!

Going through the spa’s list of services~

I had the Black Onyx themed room all to myself and experienced how personalized our premium spa experience at Toccare can get. From the massage oil and room scent to be used, down to the music that will be playing while you enjoy an hour and a half of massage, and a choice of drink to end your treatment, everything is done your way.

Personalized Spa Experience

I remember choosing Lavender for my Massage Oil and Peppermint for the Room Scent. For the music, I went with Classical to help soothe my tired nerves, and a warm herbal tea to cap off my spa experience.

I opted to take a shower first after being out the whole day. It was also convenient that they had disposable toothbrushes for the guests’ use. All throughout my stay at the spa, there was a spa attendant helping me with anything and everything.

After refreshing myself at the shower room and getting in my robe and shorts, I was led to the Foot Spa area for a thirty-minute foot pampering experience. The Foot Spa room exuded luxury with their fixed foot basins and faucets, lush couches, and a cable TV for the viewing pleasure of the guests. Wifi is accessible to the whole spa area, but as a tip, leave your phone and gadgets inside your lockers for total relaxation. Disconnect from the noisy world for just two hours of your life and treat yourself to unadulterated quiet time for your senses.

The Black Onyx Room: My spa room for the night

Can my spa experience get any more luxurious? Everything was just as I planned: from the music, to the scent that permeated the air, and my choice of massage oil. For the next ninety minutes, I laid enjoying a hilot massage from my skillful attendant. Time flew so fast because I fell asleep, but I remember feeling the warm banana leaves placed on my back a little after the treatment started. This is done to ease the tense muscles and improve circulation. I was stirred to wake by my therapist at the end of my massage, and I went back to the locker room to get dressed. Afterwards, the spa attendant offered a cup of warm tea, and I sipped on it while waiting for my blogger friends.

I can see why Toccare Spa is the destination sanctuary in Makati. It’s classy and elegant, and has all the amenities you’ll ever need in a spa. Their staff was also very helpful with everything! I wouldn’t have managed without their assistance. I can imagine having a sparty with my friends here, or drop by for a quick mani-pedi when I’m in the area. Our spampering experience at Toccare Spa was truly one of the highlights of our stay at Best Western Plus Antel Hotel in Makati.-HANA

Toccare Spa
4F Best Western Antel Spa Suites
Antel Lifestyle City, 7829 Makati Avenue
Makati City, Philippines
For inquiries, e-mail:
Contact +632.403.0808 local 2050 | +632.555.1232

2 comments to Review: Premium Spa Experience at Toccare Spa, Best Western Plus Antel Hotel (Makati City)

  • Paula Alagao  says:

    I tried their services. One of a kind! I missed the place! :)

  • Aegeane Brioso  says:

    My mom needs this. :) She need to relax and pamper herself with a very nice spa. She would definitely love it and I will share this review to her. Yay! Love it!

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