[Review] Loud Basstard Crimson Passive Amplifier

Loud Basstard Passive Sound Amplifier (Php 1, 190)

I’ve been eyeing the Loud Basstard since it was released in the market. Yup, that’s a pretty long time, considering that they started producing these babies in 2012. Known as a passive sound amplifier, but commonly mistaken for a speaker, the Loud Basstard is made of natural organic bamboo organically treated to perfection.

Brains behind the passive sound amplifier hails from the Queen City of the South, Cebu, making the Loud Basstard 100% Pinoy made. Their mission is to “merge modern industrial design with a sustainable and green lifestyle.”

What does it do? You can say that it’s almost like a speaker that doesn’t need electricity. Pop your phone into the hole and enjoy the sound of your beats amplified to another level. It’s also lightweight so you can bring it around wherever you go. It comes in different colors, too! I got mine from a contest by AyosDito, and even before I got it, I decided that I’ll be giving it away since I don’t have any spot on my room that is free from clutter. But when it finally came and I unboxed it, the color was just so striking. It’s a beautiful shade of red — crimson, specifically, combined with the perfect smooth finish. I just couldn’t let it go. T_T My mom loved it, too so I’m keeping it in her room for now.

It comes in a variety of colors, such as charcoal, teal, and emerald. I don’t think I’d be able to give it away either if I was given another color of amplifier. The finish is so flawless and beautiful. It’s a sight to see on my mom’s headboard.

As a gentle reminder, it’s not really a speaker. The Loud Basstard is a passive sound amplifier, making the sound louder fit and perfect for use in a small room or an office cube.

The Loud Basstard is such an ingenious invention. They even have phone cases made out of bamboo, with the perfect smooth finish similar to the amplifier. The Loud Basstard is a testament to the beauty of Philippine products and the skill that goes into making it.-HANA

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