Review: A Feast For the Senses at House of Senses Spa (C. Raymundo St., Pasig City)

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Review: House of Senses Spa (C. Raymundo, Pasig City)

I’m always on the lookout for good spa places in Pasig. I definitely think we have a shortage of those over at our side of Pasig (which is the Pasig town proper). So when I found out that a new spa is opening at C. Raymundo, just a ten-minute ride away from home, I had to go try it out for myself.

spa rosario pasig

House of Senses owners Clint and Elizabeth Albert

The House of Senses Spa is owned by husband and wife Clint Albert and Elizabeth Caoagdan, and their partner Richard Cajucom. Richard, a seasoned hotel director experienced in opening hotels here and abroad, envisions the spa to stand out with its service at par with hotel standards. Elizabeth is also an experienced hotelier back in her working days abroad, while Clint is an entrepreneur with other business interests such as Real Estate and Manpower Recruitment.

spa rosario pasig

House of Senses Spa (C. Raymundo, Pasig City)

The spa wishes to avoid the usual Thai massage already prevalent in the industry, and aims to appeal to all five senses, hence the name House of Senses. Upon my visit, I was greeted by Elizabeth, and introduced me to the services they offered. Upon scanning their services and rates, I found their prices very affordable, and I was keen to have an OPI Mani-Pedi priced at only Php 250. I knew that most spas offer the combo for no less than Php 350, that’s why I found their mani-pedi a preferable service for me.

spa rosario pasig

Spa Area at the Ground Floor

The spa consists of two floors. The first floor can accommodate four guests for massage, and the second floor can accommodate two. The nail treatments and services are done on the second floor, and at the moment, they can accommodate three guests at a time for hand and foot treatments and services.

spa massage pasig

1/2 of the Couple Room / Spa Experience on the 2nd Floor

spa massage pasig

spa massage pasig

I was asked to fill out a form prior to my treatment. After I accomplished the form, I was ushered to their comfy couch on the second floor for my Gel Foot Spa and Pedicure. Once I got comfortable on the couch, I was asked by my nail technician/ therapist to choose a gel to be used for my foot spa. This is my first time to try out a gel foot spa, so I didn’t really know what to expect. My feet were soaked in a basin of warm water, and a sachet of powder was added into the soak. With a few stirring action from my nail technician, the water and the powder mixed to become gel! I was in awe, but besides that, the gel foot soak was an unusual and extraordinary experience. It felt blissful, like gelatin on your feet and legs, and I wished I could soak my feet and legs in it forever. My therapist added a second sachet of powder, which dissolved the gel and turned it into milky water.

spa massage pasig

My choice of Seche Nail Polish. Love this shade of blue!

Another thing I liked about House of Senses is that they have a wide-screen TV for the viewing pleasure of the guests, and you can request what move you’d like played. The spa will provide a pair of earphones you can pop into your ears so that other guests who opt not to watch a movie might get to relax or be free from distraction. At the time of my visit, they didn’t have wi-fi connection yet, but hopefully, they’ll have it soon! You wouldn’t believe it but I fell asleep during the foot spa. It was super nice, and I felt relaxed afterwards. My therapist offered a warm cup of herbal tea and some candies after my treatment, which I munched on while she attended to doing my toenails.

I loved that they carried international brands like OPI and Seche, and had BK for their low-end brand. I do wish they’ll add Misa, my favorite brand of nail polish to the choices, too!

spa massage pasig

Our friends from the House of Senses Spa at C. Raymundo, Pasig City are inviting you over to drop by and have a try of what they have to offer. I personally had a great spa experience with them, and I can’t wait to be back for a massage bonding sesh with my mom (she loves massages!) As an additional treat, they’re currently on their SOFT OPENING, so all of their services are discounted by 40%! Almost half-price! If you think about it, their services are already affordable, so if you get to take advantage of their Soft Opening discounted rates, then it’s nothing less of a steal!

House of Senses Services and Rates

The place is very easy to locate, just a stone’s throw away from the Caltex Station at C. Raymundo. From Rosario, you can ride a Tramo Jeep and get down at the Caltex gas station. From Pasig Rotonda, you can opt to take a tricycle, which might cost you around Php 40, or you can ride a Marikina Palengke / Ligaya / Jenny’s Jeep and get down when it hits C. Raymundo, before it makes a left turn on its way to Jenny’s. Hope you have a great and relaxing spampering experience at the House of Senses!-HANA

House of Senses Spa
Loft 102 Jemco Building, C.Raymundo Ave., Rosario Pasig City
Open from M-Th 11 AM – 12 AM | Fri-Sun 10 AM – 12 AM
Contact 9450966 / 09155487400 / 09192186688 for Reservations and Inquiries
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2 comments to Review: A Feast For the Senses at House of Senses Spa (C. Raymundo St., Pasig City)

  • Paula Alagao  says:

    Wow affordable OPI Mani-Pedi services! Nice! Until when is their 40%? Thank you Miss Hana! :)

  • Aegeane Brioso  says:

    I would love to try the whitening body scrub! I am really a big fan of whitening products! :))) Their prices are not bad, affordable na rin and I think they offer nice service naman. :)

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