[Review] Grillery Bar and Restaurant (Granada St., San Juan)

Grillery Bar and Restaurant located at Granada St., San Juan City is an unexpected jewel in the middle of the city. It gives off an ambiance that you would feel easy to find comfort in, perfect if you’re looking for a bar for a night-out with friends or some alone time with a cold glass of beer. It’s also not very difficult to find, accessible from Greenhills with a ten to fifteen-minute ride and a short walk.

Chicken Ala Kiev (Php 250)


Fun fact to start the ball rolling on the discussion of the food: their dishes are all MSG-free. Won’t the world be a more healthier place if more restaurants followed suit?

The first item we had the pleasure of tasting was the Chicken Ala Kiev, which was a complete delight to the appetite. The chicken enclosed by a thin crust of crispy breading sits atop a warm serving of rice. The dish looks uninteresting at first, but the magic unfolds when you cut into the crust and into the chicken. Butter oozes out of the Chicken Ala Kiev, which makes the meat tastier than if it was served as a side, or if placed just on top of the rice to melt. I loved that the flavor of the rice has been augmented with the herby butter sauce, too.

Balinese Fish (Php 200)

Another dish Grillery takes pride in is the Balinese Fish, It’s basically thick slices of tender dory with vegetables and sauce generously topping the fish. I enjoyed eating this because of the sweet and sour sauce, which gives flavor not only to the fish, but also to the rice. Not to mention, this is a unique take on cream dory. If you love cream dory as much as I do or enjoy laying off meat, this might be a dish you’d enjoy.

Grillery Liempo (Php 275 for Sharing, Php 190 for Solo)

Liempo lovers would not be able to say no to the Grillery Liempo. Listed as one of their signature items, the Grillery Liempo is tender and juicy pork meat, served in thick slices, just the way you’d like. Much appreciated is the serving of a variety of vegetables as sides, which helps augment the flavor of the dish. I enjoyed not having to put too much effort into biting and chewing the meat because of its tenderness, yet balanced with the crispness of the meat’s outer layer.

For desserts, we had Oreo Puffs, Grillery’s version of Fried Oreos. Puffs is an appropriate term for it because it looks more stuffed compared to the usual fried oreos. The Oreo Puffs topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup is something you should look forward to trying at the Grillery.


Not a lot of us are familiar with Greenhills Town Center, and many (myself included) mistake it for a mall located in the Greenhills area. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s located in an entirely different area in San Juan, and remote from the main Greenhills malls. The good news is that it also features a number of restaurants to pique your interest. The Grillery is located much further inside, so if you ever decide to explore the area and drop by the restaurant, don’t mistake it for another grill located nearer the street.

We were joined by the brother tandem behind the Grillery, Raphael and Edmond Dannug. Raphael takes charge of the management and operations, while Edmond takes control of the kitchen. It’s great to have them with us for dinner, as we shared our thoughts on the food, and at the end of the meal, surprising ourselves that we were commonly bonded by a love for anime.

Grillery Bar and Restaurant is a joint I can see myself hanging at with friends, not only for the ambiance and the drinks, but also for the enticing variety of dishes in their menu that I am still yet to taste.-HANA

Grillery Restaurant and Bar 
Greenhills Town Center
Granada Street, Bgy. Valencia, Quezon City
Open daily from 5 PM to 2 AM 
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  • Aegeane Brioso  says:

    wow, that was a plus point for their resto since they are not using msg. it is a very good place for those who are health conscious :) the liempo looks yummy! makes me crave. haha! the prices are affordable, too bad it’s too far from us. :( if i will be at qc, i would definitely try this!

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