[Review] Green Bean Organic Coffee Company (Hotel H2O, Manila Ocean Park)

green bean organic coffee civet manila

Green Bean Organic Coffee Company at Hotel H2O, Manila Ocean Park

It was my first time hearing about Green Bean Organic Coffee Company when Kenny introduced me to it during our visit at Manila Ocean Park. I was in the dark how organic coffee was different from my usual brewed or 3-in-1 and what the hype was all about. It turns out that many of us coffee drinkers have been missing out on the good that is organic coffee all along.

green bean organic coffee civet manila

Php 75 for a cup of coffee voted as number one Artisanal Food Find in New York

We were really keen on trying out their Civet coffee for Php 150. As luck would have it, they didn’t have any during that time, so I had to choose something else. Since I haven’t had my daily cup of coffee, I chose to go with a cup of Fresh Brewed Organic Coffee, the cheapest in the menu. We also ordered Ensaymada and a Lava Cake.

green bean organic coffee civet manila

Organic Coffee at Green Bean Organic Coffee Company, Manila Ocean Park

So what’s the deal with organic coffee? Turns out that organic coffee is a kind of coffee that has been processed without the use of synthetic products. This includes most additives, certain pesticides and herbicides. It is prepared and processed with high standards, making this type of coffee not only healthy to the drinker, but also to the coffee farmers as well. It was fairly priced at Php 75 per cup, and I might even say it’s too affordable considering the rigorous process and the standards it must meet to be branded as 100% USDA Certified Organic.

green bean organic coffee civet manila

My cup of Brewed Organic Coffee

green bean organic coffee civet manila

Desserts: Ensaymada and Smores
Drinks: Mocha Frappe

There were two things, however, that did not meet my expectation. First is that they didn’t have stocks of lava cake after serving their last two pieces to the customers who ordered prior to us. They refunded our payment promptly, but of course, we were already disappointed because we were so eager to try that devilishly decadent piece of lava cake. T_T

Second is that Kianna had to convince them to replace her drink when she wasn’t satisfied with the taste. When customers are unhappy with their drinks, you should immediately replace them to make up for their disappointment and to give them the best customer experience possible. What’s the point of taking a customer’s money if she’ll leave your store unhappy with her purchase? They replaced the drink, but only after Kenny went to the counter and told them to.

green bean organic coffee civet manila

At Green Bean Organic Coffee Company with Brent, Mac, Kenny and Kianna

The space they had was very narrow, and could accommodate fiufteen customers at a time. To accommodate our group, we had to pull up another table and extra seats. It’s not the kind of cafe you’ll linger in, but it’s definitely the kind you’ll go to for a taste of Civet Coffee and the best organic coffee in the metro.

Looking forward to try the Civet Coffee and their sinfully irresistible lava cake during my next visit!-HANA

3 comments to [Review] Green Bean Organic Coffee Company (Hotel H2O, Manila Ocean Park)

  • Roch  says:

    Nice spa! Wow I would like to try the civet coffee, too. All the food posted in your Instagram account looked delicious.

    Hey, I tagged you in a post for the Sunshine Blogger Award. See the details here: http://rochkirstin.com/sunshine-blogger-award-knowing-you-and-me/

  • Aegeane Brioso  says:

    Parang nakakadisappoint nga yung place and their treatment sa customers nila. Sana next time, they will meet their customers satisfaction, because that’s the most important thing. Although the price of their products looks very affordable and looks great and delicious, I hope that they will continue to improve next time. :)

  • Liezel Salem  says:

    yeah! dapat nga Happy lahat ng Customers para balik balikan sila kasi kung di sila masaya eh di na nila babalikan yung place.. Customer is always right diba? .. owell sana next time gawin na nila yung tama.

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