[Review] Fun-Filled Spartying at Blossom Floral Spa, Maginhawa, Quezon City

maginhawa spa quezon city

Review: Fun-Filled Spartying at Blossom Floral Spa, Maginhawa, Quezon City

It’s only my third time at Maginhawa, and this time, the reason for my visit is not a food establishment. It is, surprisingly, to check out this new place of retreat called Blossom Floral Spa in Maginhawa, Quezon City. I think it’s slowly becoming an addiction for me to indulge in spa treatments and be pampered from head to foot, so this gave me a really good reason to drop by Maginhawa once again.

Since its opening in November of 2013, Blossom Floral Spa has already made a name among students of nearby schools, such as UP Diliman, Ateneo University and Miriam University because of its proximity to the mentioned schools’ campuses. It is also popular with residents of condos and foodies who frequent the popular food destination that is Maginhawa.

maginhawa spa quezon city


The dainty exterior of the facade sticks out like a sore thumb (in a good way) from the plethora of food establishments that put Maginhawa St. on the map. From outside, it appears like a retreat from the busy metro. The garden and the continuous flowing of the water in the fountain immediately helps set the mood upon entrance to the spa grounds.

maginhawa spa quezon city

Inside the spa, you’ll find dainty and elaborate pieces embellishing the salon with every turn of your head. The interiors were crafted masterfully and was very well-thought of. It’s the details that I really loved, such as the rustic candle lanterns-cum-mini bird cages that lined the narrow hallways of the spa, or the porcelain chandelier that hung above and lent elegance to the reception area.maginhawa spa quezon city

maginhawa spa quezon city

maginhawa spa quezon city


Robes were provided for us to change in prior to sauna and massage treatments. I found that the staff was extremely helpful as well in assisting us as we change into our robes and secured our items into their lockers. Lockers are provided to keep your valuables safe, so you can relax easy and not worry about your items. I also commend the staff for being patient since we were always requesting for our stuff after every treatment.

maginhawa spa quezon city

Blossom Floral Spa is continuously adding services to be able to cater to more customers and give the best experience possible. Soon, they’ll be adding hair treatments such as the Power Dose, perfect for dry and damaged hair. Another advantage of Blossom Floral Spa is that they offer not only the popular nail polish brands, but also carry designer nail polish brands such as GAP. They also have quite a number of cream choices for the scrubs.

maginhawa spa quezon city

Mother-daughter bonding with Mommy Lariza and her two daughters at Blossom Floral Spa

The Spa Experience

For our first treatment, we stepped into the sweltering heat of the sauna room and endured fifteen minutes inside. The sauna can accommodate five to six people at a time, and is heated with a charcoal-powered heater. By adding water to the heater, you can increase the intensity of the heat inside the sauna. A fifteen-minute sand timer is also displayed inside the sauna to let you know how long you’ve been inside. As a word of caution, don’t bring your gadgets (especially your cameras and SLRs) inside the sauna to prevent them from getting destroyed by moisture and pressure inside.

maginhawa spa quezon city

Sparty Treats!

manila sparty

Body & Soul Pampering: Enjoying a yummy macaron while having my nails done

After surviving the heat of the sauna, we were treated to really delicious variety of pastries! For anyone planning to have a sparty at Blossom Floral Spa, you won’t be having trouble finding a food supplier since Maginhawa has a lot of them, and a cupcake and pastry shop just across the spa can provide you some prized desserts to serve your guests. But one of the things I loved most at Blossom Floral Spa is their special Moringa tea. I know Moringa isn’t a popular choice for tea, but we found their Moringa Tea sweet with a subtle citrusy flavor you can’t get enough of. It also doesn’t hurt that Moringa is considered to be protein-rich with a number of vitamins and minerals needed by our body to regenerate. They serve this tea after a client’s massage treatment, so don’t forget to look forward to that. Refill please!

manila sparty

A gigantic and elaborate display imported from Thailand hung exquisitely on one of the spa rooms’ walls.

I had my manicure partially done before having my Body Scrub. The Body Scrub took about thirty minutes, with my therapist, Ronalyn, thorougly scrubbing every inch of my body possible to hasten the exfoliation process. Ronalyn used a cream with microbeads for scrubbing. I had to wait fifteen minutes after getting scrubbed for the cream to be absorbed by my skin, before I could step into the shower and wash away the cream and dead skin from my body. It was great they had a comfort room equipped with a hot/cold shower for the use of the guests. Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash dispensers were available as well. In no time, I was so refreshed, relaxed, and scrubbed clean!

manila sparty

I love my nail polish! <3

I had my nail polish done last, and fortunately, Ronalyn was also the one who did it for me. She did it so skillfully that she was done in mere minutes.

Price Range: Php 250 for Mani-Pedi combo; Php 300-500 for Massage Treatments and Php 400-600 for Body Scrubs.

I found that they have reasonably-priced rates for their services, and even have promos to make it extra affordable for their customers. One of their ongoing promos allow you to enjoy their services at a 20% discounted rate.

manila sparty

Blossom Floral Spa Afternoon Bliss promo: 20% Off on Selected Services

There aren’t a lot of spas with a sauna room, so it was great to find one that has. Another perk of having a massage done (even their 30-minute Mentolithic massage for Php 200) is that you get a free 15-minute access to the Sauna Room. I’m eager to try the spa’s waxing services next, and hopefully, they’ll have Paraffin treatments soon! Looking forward to invite my friends at Blossom Floral Spa for a pampering-filled spartying and bonding ♥ See you at Blossom Floral Spa!-HANA

manila sparty

Blossom Floral Spa
103 Maginhawa Street Teachers Village
1111 Quezon City, Philippines
Open from Mon-Sun 12 PM – 12 AM
Contact 632-3302291 | 632-3302290 for Reservations and Inquiries
E-mail promo.blossomfloralspa@gmail.com | agora@blossomfloralspa.com
Visit Blossom Floral Spa’s Website
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  • Rain Gatdula  says:

    Love the aura and color nung shop! Pink! :) plus sparty treats! Paano po transpo if galing ako ng Technohub? Thank you! :)

  • Paula Alagao  says:

    Wow! Another great addition for my Maginhawa St. visit soon! Nice! I love that they serve food and drinks unlike the other spa.:)

  • Joimee Castillo  says:

    Based on Hana’s review i would really love to go there one time. I hope i’ll find time to visit Blossom floral spa. Want to experience this :)

  • Eddielli Bungay  says:

    Wow! Ang ganda naman ng place na ito! Reasonably priced to think na may mga designer polish sila like GAP. The interiors are well designed for relaxation! I also loved eating and drinking tea after every massage and/or body scrub! :)

  • Aegeane Brioso  says:

    You are so cute Ms. hana! The moment I met you, I was really amazed by your beauty, honestly! :) Back to this review, the place looks very nice. Ang cute ng interiors and looks very girly thingy :) I am really addicted in spas and pedi’s and I will definitely visit this one day. Wanted to pamper here! :)

  • kevin michael huffer  says:

    Wow they give you sweets too? That’s an awesome place to unwind!

  • crystal cruz  says:

    so unwinding and relaxing place

  • Amor  says:

    Hi Ms. Hana, thank you for this post. May i just ask if how did you come up with your own Sparty? did you arrange it yourself or the store arrange it for you? Like who provided for the tray and stuff. Thank you. We are planning to have one for our friend this weekend. :) Hope to hear from you. :)

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Amor! The spa arranged it for us. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. They would be more than willing to help you decorate and prepare food for the guests (only, you have to pay for the food separately.) Good luck!

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