Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2: Vindication

pacquiao bradley

Manny Pacquiao-signed pair of boxing gloves

I wasn’t exempted from the number of people who anticipated the Pacquiao-Bradley bout with intense excitement. Maybe I don’t know the technical shiznit of boxing, but I cannot stress this enough: I’m a huge fan of Pacquiao. I love his tenacity and his strength. I love his humility and faith. But most of all, I love the feeling that he makes possible: a feeling of unity among an incredible number of people every time he steps into the boxing ring. Even the President of the Philippines cannot unite that many people. That’s why I love watching his fights, even though I don’t understand so much.

pacquiao bradley

When Enzo of Juan Manila Express invited me to watch the Alaxan’s PPV of the Pacquiao-Bradley 2 at Outback Restaurant in Glorietta, I couldn’t resist. There was no way I was going to miss watching it real-time. Being seated there with other people rooting for Pacquiao to win felt surreal. Every time he landed a punch, cheers erupted from the group. We wanted him to win so hard that I think the universe made it happen. Kidding. Pacquiao was a great fighter, the best of our time. And he might not be as quick and as strong as he used to be in his earlier years, but he sure proved that night that he was the stronger fighter compared to Bradley.

pacquiao bradley

Not only that, but I got extremely lucky during the event. I won one of two pairs of signed Manny Pacquiao boxing gloves. I elect it as my ‘Most Prized Possession’ to date. Having one of those rare pairs is a dream come true. :)

I look forward to Pacquiao’s future fights, and I will always be supporting him. I also hope that he doesn’t stop imparting his fortune to those who need it most, like he is doing right now. Congratulations, PacMan! Keep on making the Filipino people proud!-HANA

pacquiao bradley

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  • Aegeane Brioso  says:

    Really proud of pacquiao. He’s definitely a pride of every Filipino. Congrats to him and may God continue to give him strong body and mind in his every fight, :)) And oh, you are so lucky for winning the gloves with his signature. :) You are so cute!! <3

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