Manila Ocean Park’s Liquid Pool & Lounge + Eat All You Can Buffet

Liquid Pool Lounge

Manila Ocean Park’s Liquid Pool & Lounge (Photos by Mac Vasquez)

Another feature of Manila Ocean Park we got to enjoy during our visit last Thursday was the Liquid Pool and Lounge. The Liquid Pool and Lounge boasts of an outdoor jacuzzi and an indoor swimming pool perfect for summer! The pools are not very big, but it’s spacious enough to enjoy a good swim in. Kianna, Brent, and I spent a lot of time cooling ourselves off in the pool.

liquid pool lounge buffet

Liquid Pool & Lounge Buffet + Outdoor Jacuzzi

Aside from that, Liquid Pool & Lounge also has an Eat All You Can buffet promo for Php 230. There were about five to seven viands to choose from and four dessert choices to cap off your meal. A glass of Iced Tea is included in the promo. The price of the buffet did not reflect any compromise in the quality of the dishes’ flavor. In fact, I enjoyed their fillets a lot and came back for more. For dessert, we had plates of Buko Pandan.

The Liquid Pool & Lounge is a great place to go to swim and cool off this summer. Consider the fact that it is also very accessible, so you don’t have to travel far for a refreshing destination. If you get bored or tired of swimming, Manila Ocean Park has other attractions to see, such as the Sharks & Rays Encounter, just beside the Liquid Pool & Lounge, or the Oceanarium that gives guests access to marine life wonders.-HANA

Manila Ocean Park’s Sharks & Rays Encounter (Photo by Mac Vasquez)

7 comments to Manila Ocean Park’s Liquid Pool & Lounge + Eat All You Can Buffet

  • Aegeane Brioso  says:

    A very nice place for this summer! Ang affordable ng buffet nila, hope na mas maraming menu in the future. But kung ibabase sa price, okay na din yung mga menus. :) The Jacuzzi seems very relaxing. I feel the summer heat because of this post. :D You are so cute Ms. Hana!

  • Liezel Salem  says:

    Php 230? Ang mura! Ganda pumnta sa Manila Ocean Park nung last na pumunta kami dyan wala pang mga ganyan, suggest ko sa Mama ko dyan naman kami pumnta kesa puro beach and pools nalng..

  • Marice de la Costa  says:

    Hi Hana! Airconditioned ba yung buffet area ng Liquid Pool? What dishes are included in the buffet? Thanks.

    • dollhana  says:

      Hi Marice! Nope, it’s not airconditioned, but may roof naman dun sa area. It’s been over a year, so it’s possible they have changed their line-up of dishes. It would be best to call them ahead of your visit to ask what dishes they’ll be preparing :) here’s their contact number: 567 7777, hope that helps!

  • erlin  says:

    Kindly check your food preparation last Sunday August 2, 2015. I supposed i am not the first to raise complaint. majority of the group of 18 who ate lunch at Liquid Pool has encounter stomach ache and LBM. Actually, we were not able to report to work and school because of the uncomfortable feeling until today. Kung ako nga na matanda na, dumadaing how much more ung one year old who experienced the same. Sadly, its not only LBM since three of us has slight fever….

  • lemsie  says:

    sa bayad po ba ng buffet pwede mg mag swimming nun? tsaka po magkanu if kasama ung pool sa eat all u can buffet

  • che che  says:

    hi ask ko lang if sa 230 package na un sa pool and sa eat all u can buffet

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