[Review] A Steak Affair at Liberty New York Steakhouse (UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City)

liberty new york steakhouse up town center katipunan

Review: Liberty New York Steakhouse, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

Who can resist the call of steaks? When the opportunity presents itself to have a steak, it’s never a good idea to refuse. After all, how often do you get to enjoy a good serving of well-aged beef meat grilled to perfection?

I was invited to dine in the newly opened Liberty New York Steakhouse at UP Town Center in Quezon City. While definitely not the most accessible area for food enthusiasts from the south, believe me when I say that the UP Town Center is a destination for high-class and well-known restaurants. If there’s none that meets your standards, there’s always the popular food strip at Maginhawa, Teachers Village next door to satisfy your craving.

liberty new york steakhouse up town center katipunan

Liberty NY Steakhouse

Going back, the ambiance of the steakhouse made no attempt to hide its class. Inside, couches for families of six or more lined up one side of the restaurant. On the other side, long tables to accommodate bigger groups, and table for two to accommodate couples can be seen. They also have a veranda where you can choose to dine and enjoy the view of the lights at night. They have a TV for the viewing pleasure of guests and a stable wi-fi connection, too.

liberty new york steakhouse up town center katipunan

The attendants are dressed casually in uniformed white blouse matched with shorts and suspenders, with sneakers to complete the look. The attire is something that won’t fail to remind you of the waitresses in New York diners and breakfast places.

The place was bright and promoted a cheery vibe. It’s a place where you can come dressed like you normally do and enjoy the pleasure of eating steaks without frills.

liberty new york steakhouse up town center katipunan

Appetizers: Soup, Liberty Buffalo Wings (Php 265) , Falafel Salad (Php 250) , Spam Fries (Php 260)


For the appetizers, I found the Liberty Buffalo Wings memorable, with a sweet and slightly spicy taste, served with bleu cheese dip on the side. The Spam Fries seemed popular with the guys, served with three choices of condiments: Cumin Ketchup, Whiskey Mustard and Kimchi Mayo. I found the tempura batter coating the spam a little too thick for my liking, but still found it a delight to chew on while waiting for our entrees.

liberty new york steakhouse up town center katipunan

Dorito Nachos (Php 320)

The Dorito Nachos also count as one of my favorites. With Mango Cilantro Salsa, Chili con Carne, Jalapenos and Cheese Sauce topping the generous plateful of Doritos, one can’t help but casually snack on these tasty mix of chips and toppings. The serving is big enough for sharing among four to five people.

liberty new york steakhouse up town center katipunan

Liberty Ultimate Burger Steak (Php 530)

If you’re looking to tame your appetite, you might want to bite into the Double Quarter Pound heavyweight of Liberty NY Steakhouse, the Liberty Ultimate Burger Steak. When it was served on our table, everyone just stared at it in awe of its size. None of us dared to touch it because we knew it was impossible to down it without slicing it to smaller portions.

liberty new york steakhouse up town center katipunan

A closer look at the Ultimate Burger Steak

Inside the Liberty Ultimate Burger Steak are two patties: the Angus Patty and the Homemade Bacon Patty, both char broiled. It also features Portabello Mushrooms and American Cheddar Cheese. It also had thick cut fries served on the side, along with ketchup. I found the patties satisfying my tastebuds, although I know better never to attempt to take on this monster of a burger on my own.

liberty new york steakhouse up town center katipunan

Crazy Garlic Rice

I loved the Crazy Garlic Rice! This was fried rice perfection with an overflow of garlic and beef chunks, making sure you won’t feel cheated in any way. This tasted so good, and if I didn’t have to share, I think I even could have finished the whole rice platter by myself!

liberty new york steakhouse up town center katipunan

Chop Salad (Php 350)

I found that the Chop Salad’s best selling point was the winning combination of all the ingredients put together: Mesclun Greens, tomato slices, crispy bacon bits, diced char-broiled chicken breast, slices of ripe mangoes, hard-boiled egg, feta cheese, and red wine vinaigrette. It’s tastier than the Felafel Salad, but I felt that the serving size did not promise great value for money.

liberty new york steakhouse up town center katipunan

CAB Rib Eye Steak (Php 2500)

To give you an idea of the steak prices, the prices range from Php 700 for the Wisconsin Beef Tenderloin 8 oz to Php 2500 for the Certified Black Angus Beef (CAB) Rib Eye Steak. On the side are Sizzling Potato and Cheese and the Wagyu Fried Rice, both perfect companions for the CAB Rib Eye. Yes, it’s pricey as steaks get, but the size of the steak makes up for it. Not to mention, we have to make peace with the fact that a steak with a quality as good as this won’t come cheap. The luxury of enjoying steak won’t come on a regular basis, but allow yourself the pleasure of enjoying a good slab of steak from time to time.

liberty new york steakhouse up town center katipunan

Desserts: Classic New York Cheesecake (Php 325), Liberty Cream Puffs (Php 195 for 5 pieces), Dark Chocolate Cigars (Php 290), and Banana Cream Pie (Php 220)

For the desserts, the New York Cheesecake and the Dark Chocolate Cigars stood out among the rest. The perfect consistency of the New York Cheesecake, and the novelty of the Dark Chocolate Cigar make them high on my must-try list at Liberty New York Steakhouse.

Price Range: Php 500-700 / head

While there are still a few things I look forward to being improved, Liberty New York Steakhouse promises a satisfying dining experience for the family. There are a handful of dishes I anticipate I would come back for, and it’s a dining experience I would recommend everyone to have.-HANA

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