Thrifty Treats: Charing’s Halo-Halo Special (Mutya ng Pasig Wet Market, Pasig City)

charing halo-halo

Charing’s Halo-Halo Special (Mutya ng Pasig Wet Market, Pasig City)

For this week’s thrifty treat, I made an accidental discovery. I saw a friend’s update on my newsfeed (Hi Sir Richard!) showing off his pair of coolers that is the summer favorite, halo-halo. At first, it didn’t interest me, until I heard that 1) it’s only available in Pasig 2) people actually line up for their famous halo-halo. It piqued my curiosity. Why is Charing’s Special Halo-halo so popular?

charing halo-halo

People lined up to have a taste of Charing’s Halo-Halo Special (Photo taken from Charing’s Halo-Halo Special Facebook Page)

So when I found out that Charing’s is at the Mutya ng Pasig Wet Market, I immediately called my mother and asked her to buy some on her way home. Lucky that my mother frequents the market on Saturdays, so getting the purchase done was a breeze. The regular-sized special halo-halo from Charing’s costs Php 38. Price-wise, it is more expensive than the ones you buy from your neighbors, but cheaper than Chowking’s or Razon’s. When mom got home, she complained about the long line she had to endure just to buy my halo-halo. Even without tasting it for myself, the long lines is already a testament to the popularity of Charing’s.

charing halo-halo

This. This sparked my curiosity. Waiting in line (and a long line at that) for a cup of halo-halo? These people must be on to something,

There’s very little I know about Charing’s. Only that it’s been around for forty years, and is located at the ground floor of the Pasig Wet Market, near the fountain area. If you’re wary of having to buy from the market (or palengke) and a wet market, no less, I assure you that the Pasig Wet Marketplace is one of the nicest, cleanest and most orderly markets I’ve seen around.

I anticipated the hyped halo-halo, but had to go through the process of taking it out from the plastic, and unknotting the plastic where the milk was separately placed. This is a great idea for takeouts, to prevent the milk from spilling from the cup. It hasn’t been long since my mom bought it, because the ice underneath the toppings still isn’t as melted as it should be if it took her a long while.

charing halo-halo

Halo-halo: Shaved ice topped and milk with sago, langka, macapuno, ube, lecheflan, gelatin, among others.

For me, the most important ingredient in a halo-halo is the milk. Because if the milk wasn’t as creamy and delicious as it should be, then what do you do with the rest of the halo-halo once you’ve scooped out all the toppings? That would put the ice and milk to waste. With Charing’s, their milk was great, and I found myself drinking the milk first before taking out the toppings. As for the toppings, it was the usual toppings you’ll find in a halo-halo, and there wasn’t anything special about them individually. It was a great dessert, much like Razon’s (though Razon’s halo halo probably has better leche flan in it) but cheaper. At Php 38, it’s better than my neighbor’s Php20-halo-halo. Plus, it has a huge serving, and they offer it in an even bigger serving.

charing halo-halo

Charing’s Halo Halo Special

Was it special? I’m not sure. Was it special for the price? Yes.

This has been my first cup of halo-halo for the summer, so I’m really glad to try out something new, and even something popular. Unfortunately for those who are not from Pasig and would like to try it for themselves, you have to travel all the way to our wet market. I don’t think it’s worth it, and it might even be better for you guys to discover you’re own “special halo-halo” in your area. For those residing in Pasig, you should give this a try and find out for yourself if it’s worth the price (and the hype).-HANA

5 comments to Thrifty Treats: Charing’s Halo-Halo Special (Mutya ng Pasig Wet Market, Pasig City)

  • Istin Dizon Paigna  says:

    na-try ko un supreme ata yun ung P48 with 1 scoop of ice cream. Masarap naman din kaya lang parang super tamis na. Try ko din yan P38 next time. Masarap din un Pancit Palabok nila. Siguro kaya din siya special kasi puro homemade ung ingredients nila. Yun ksi un sabi ni “Charing” nung ma-feature sila sa tv a few weeks ago kaya pati ako napa-try na rin ng Charing’s hehe :)

  • Eddielli Bungay  says:

    Ang sarap naman! Too bad malayo ako sa pasig! Siguro nga dito na lng ako bibili ng halo halo sa area namin! :)

  • Aegeane Brioso  says:

    Oh my. Very affordable ito and looks yummy! Halo halo sa amin is super pricey and I don’t know why. Haha. I really admired you because you are really good in blogging, specially the trips and food you tasted. Very informative and attractive! Galing, galing. :)

  • kevin michael huffer  says:

    i love halo halo . Its more fun here in the pHIlippines!

  • Liezel Salem  says:

    Owww wow!! Affordable nga.. sayang medyo malayo kami sa Pasig taga Bacoor Cavite pako.. owell sabi nga ni Ate Hana discover you own special halo halo in your area kaya siguro naman meron samin .. tig 20php keke.. kaso di ako masyado mahilig sa halo halo, ate Hana may Mais Con Yelo po ba sa Charing’s??

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