WD My Cloud Binondo Photowalk and Food Tour

WD My Cloud Binondo Photowalk and Food Tour

Last weekend, Western Digital invited a few bloggers to join them in traversing Binondo Chinatown for a photowalk and a food tour. I cannot express how stoked I was to be invited because I’ve been looking forward to doing a photowalk for a long time now, but has been eternally challenged by the fact that I cannot shoot alone without fearing for my life :)) Kidding aside, there’s no denying the truth that it really is difficult to shoot around Manila on your own. So I welcomed the invitation and got the chance to document the hustle and bustle that happens in the streets of Binondo.

Starting Point: Cafe Mezzanine

We started our tour at Cafe Mezzanine, as we met other like-minded souls raring to explore Binondo. Honestly, I’m not a stranger to the area, as I have spent a lot of time in its streets in the past. This is my first time though, to try and capture all that Binondo holds and offers. We were told that we will be using the WD My Cloud to back up and store our photos. Via wifi, we can upload our photos into the cloud storage and rest easy that our photos are safe and we won’t lose them should we accidentally delete them on our phones or tablets.

Bloggers listening intently to Mr. Rolly Magpayo, acclaimed Filipino travel photographer

We were also quite lucky to have with us Mr. Rolly Magpayo, a talented Filipino photographer who works for many multi-national agencies. He gave us pointers to remember during the shoot to help us take better photos. His photos were so surreal, and I hope someday I can take beautiful photos that are like his.

After the short photography talk and an introduction to the WD My Cloud, we headed over to our first stop: The Estero Fast Food. (Click HERE to read a separate post about Estero Fastfood in Binondo)

Estero Fast Food

Named Estero Fast food because of its location beside one of Binondo’s estero, the establishment offers frog legs and oyster cakes, among many other delicacies. I was surprised to find this place because I’ve never heard of it nor eaten there before.

Afterwards, we made our way to our second foodie destination: Serry’s Restaurant. (Click HERE to read a more detailed feature of Serry’s Restaurant)

Serry’s Menu

Compared to the more traditional Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, or even the more modern ones, Serry’s surprised us with its exotic variety of dishes that are not ordinary to other establishments.

at Serry’s

As we were already so full and have to make tummy space for our last stop, we walked around Binondo, and I grabbed the chance to snap a few photos of the vicinity.

BTS: Caught taking a photo

Playing with angles/ perspectives

On this photo: a Chinese lady walking along one of Binondo’s side street market

A street vendor frying her goods at a street corner in Binondo

One of Binondo’s oldest buildings, the Yutivo Building was built in 1923 and housed the biggest Chinese hardware firm in the country of the 30s, the Yutivo Sons Hardware Company (Dasmarinas St., Binondo)

Finally, we arrived at our last destination: The Yingying Tea House, which is regarded as one of the restaurants in Binondo that offers the best dimsum.

At Yingying Tea House in Binondo

Me, with Sumi and Aileen, wasting no time to take photos of the food. The faster we get the shot, the faster we’ll get to enjoy the food!

At Yingying, while resting our tired feet and savoring our dumplings, we found time to upload our photos to the WD MY Cloud Storage. What was awesome was that all of us can upload and access the storage simultaneously, perfect for office or home use. This is also great for creatives and other people looking to back up their work and access their files from anywhere in the world.

Binondo Photowalk done~

It was such a fun experience being with these amazing bloggers and friends from WD. Special thanks to Mr. Rolly Magpayo for sharing with us his time and expertise in the subject of travel photography. Also to one of our tour guides and fellow blogger Enrico Dee of Byahilo.com. I can’t wait for my next photowalk and food tour!-HANA

In the WD My Cloud Binondo Photowalk and Food Tour series:

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Dimsum and Dumplings at Ying Ying Tea House in Binondo, Manila

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  • Liezel Salem  says:

    ang daming pwedeng gawin sa Binondo .. mukang masasarap yung mga food, ang cute nung sa mga nakalagay sa Jar anu yun>? 1000 pesos madami ka ng makakain at matatry na food :D

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