Review: Coffee + Clothing + Chill at The Appraisery at Cubao Expo, Quezon City

Review: The Appraisery at Cubao Expo, Quezon City

The first time I heard about “The Appraisery,” I had this questioning look on my face that betrays my thoughts. “What’s that?” I asked, to which I was answered that they sold clothes and other items which are appraised before being taken in to be sold. The coffee shop-cum-art gallery-cum-thrift shop used to be at Annapolis, Greenhills, until they made their move to Cubao Expo. It seems they’re actually suited there better, with the artsy and boho vibe that defined what used to be a bus terminal in the area.

appraisery cubao

The Appraisery in Cubao Expo is a place where gamers and hobbyists tend to flock, to thrive with the smell of coffee that permeated the atmosphere, and the kind of comfort food we all crave for. We were also told that even if you aren’t exactly the “gaming type,” the owner of The Appraisery, Victor Prieto, has made a lot of people into gamers. “We have games for everyone. We even have a Walking Dead game.” As a TWD fan, that sounds like a game that will be on my list of things to try the next time I’m there.


appraisery cubao

Bargain Alert: Pristine pre-owned clothing and fashion apparel at The Appraisery, Cubao Expo

Fashionistas and bargain hunters are also no stranger to the shop. At first, I likened it to an ukay-ukay, which it was, only better. The Appraisery has an official “appraiser”, a fashion stylist to the stars no less, to check clothing and fashion apparel people bring to their shop to sell. The items have to be in great condition and has to be in style. I actually sighted a red Nine West Bag priced for Php 1200. The backstory? It is brand new and was sold to them only because the original owner received it as a gift from her mom, but didn’t like it because she doesn’t wear red. I also saw a lot of other crazy steals! All their items are sanitized before being displayed for selling, so no chance of the clothes smelling like ukay-ukay!

appraisery cubao

And if you’re wondering about the food? The Appraisery just happens to be on’s Fifty Buy and Try. Recently, Victor tells us that they just impressed an Italian journalist with their Espresso, which the Italian heralded as “The Best Espresso in Manila.” And if you understand that Italians know their coffee, you’d know that’s a feat difficult to achieve.

appraisery cubao

For the drinks, my friends decided to have the Kumbaya, an item that you won’t find on their regular menu, much like many of their bestsellers. I asked Victor for his recommendation, as I was looking for another drink, something coffee-based perhaps, and he recommended the Mocha Frappe.

appraisery cubao

Mocha Frappe (Php 115)

The verdict? I finished it, down to the last gulp! It was a great drink, but I’ll probably go order Kumbaya next time. After all, I’m still severely curious about why it’s the much talked-about drink from The Appraisery. I imagine the Kumbaya, with its mix of marshmallows, graham crackers, roasted peanuts, and a shot of espresso, would taste something similar to smores.

appraisery cubao coffee

Chicken, Avocado & Pesto Triple Decker (Php 175)

appraisery cubao coffee shop

Grilled Veggie Panini (Php 150)

appraisery cubao coffee shop

Sweet Grilled Panini (Php 128)

We were treated to three of their paninis, and I especially liked their Triple Decker Panini because they decided to be innovative and use avocado on that one. The Veggie Panini would suit vegetarians and healthy-eaters. And the Sweet Grilled Panini? Who knew that you can enjoy panini as a dessert? It’s a dish you should try when you’re not really looking to be full or just craving for something sweet and satisfying. Their Ap Tarts have also become the talk of the town, but we didn’t get to try them during our visit. I’m looking forward to meeting and eating it the next time I drop by!

appraisery cubao coffee shop

Sushi Sandwich (Php 185)

The Sushi Sandwich, an eight-piece sushi dish with two types of variant, served with camote chips and creamy garlic aioli dip won my heart. It’s just like sushi, only bread instead of rice. Like the popular Japanese dish, this one tasted very oriental, four of which with ham, and the other four with mangoes and cucumbers. And the garlic aioli dip? It just makes everything taste ten times better. We even requested for a second serving of the dip, because we couldn’t get enough of it! And we heard there were customers who’d come and order the dip with the camote chips, something I would probably recommend too if you’re not craving for their fully loaded paninis or sandwiches.

appraisery cubao coffee shop

Pull-pork Sandwich (Php 220)

The Pull-Pork Sandwich is another of my favorites. It has 23 different flavors comprising the dish, plus a fully-loaded sandwich with eight-hour slow roasted pulled pork already spilling off from the bread. The Pull-Pork Sandwich has a characteristic sour and spicy flavor, and has a very Indian appeal to it. Out of all the dishes (except for the Garlic Aioli Dip) this is one that I cannot forget, and would be the dish that would make my next visit sooner than I think. In all honesty, I can still remember the taste and is making me crave, like, RIGHT NOW.

appraisery cubao coffee shop

The making of a good espresso

Victor also showed us how he makes an espresso that would impresso an Italian. (Okay, bad pun :)) Here’s a video of Victor in action:


It seems so second nature to Victor. No wonder people agree that he makes the best espresso in town!

More than the great food and drinks, I believe that their patrons keep coming back to The Appraisery because of the great vibe that they promote. The staff are all friendly, and they make sure that the customers are happy by approaching them while they dine and ask if the experience has been satisfactory. This is the kind of personal customer service that we’ve been missing out on, and I hope that more establishments train their employees to ensure a satisfying visit. More than that, they have built a community by being genuinely interested in their customers. It’s probably the only place in town where the staff would sit with you and talk with you like you’re friends, and that’s amazing. I truly believe the world needs more of that.

I hope I got you interested in making a visit to The Appraisery at the Cubao Expo in Quezon City. I loved everything, from the food and the coffee, to the clothes, and the friendly vibe of the staff. The Appraisery has something for everyone, which is why you shouldn’t miss out on what they have in store for you.-HANA

The Appraisery
Cubao Expo
1109 Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines
Open from : Tue – Wed: 2 pm – 12 am | Thu – Sat: 2 pm – 2 am | Sun: 2 pm – 12 am
Contact: (02) 921 2682
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  • janeth  says:

    wow.. all are nice.. though i did not taste it yet, i feel im gonna enjoy this place! thank you for this blog.. :)

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    wanna try that matcha!

  • Paula Alagao  says:

    I’ve seen Appraisery already but I haven’t visited the place. Your article convinces me to stop by and enter the place next time. The foods and drinks are enticing! Thank you for the very recommended review of this resto cafe! :)

  • leira  says:

    Looks like this is a nice place.. The food looks really yummy and I think its affordable too

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    Ӏ could not refrain from commenting. Very well written!

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    My man will loves it! Gonna tell it to him. **giggles** :))) Nice place to unwind and have chit chat!.. Plus the mocha frap I wanna try it! :D

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    Looks like a nice place. 2 in 1 resto. Many places to go don’t know where to start after i read all the reviews here about restaurants with delicious food :))

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    I think it will be my first time to visit a food plus clothing plus coffee shop in one. I’ll better try the pull pork sandwich! Thanks for the review hana!

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    that sushi sandwich looks elegant and well done..amazing!

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