Review: Hot Dogs Meet Filipino Favorites at Franks Craft Beers, Resorts World Manila

franks craft beers

Review: Franks Craft Beers, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City

The casinos of Resorts World Manila has become a destination spot, not only for the gaming action that goes on at the country’s one-stop 24/7 tourist destination, but for the prized hotdogs that are offered there as well.

Franks Craft Beers, a newly opened hotdog place-cum-watering hole, has recently opened at Resorts World Manila. It started with the idea of bringing the food to the casino guests, so that they won’t have to be bothered to leave the premises for a quick bite. And in two months, Franks was born.

franks craft beers

The walls featured portraits of famous Franks all over the world, including singer Frank Sinatra, Former President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Peter Boyle, who isn’t a real-life Frank but played two Franks in the course of his acting career (Young Frankenstein and Frank Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond), as well as our very own talented rapper and artist, Francis Magalona. TV screens played old NBA clips, Pacquiao’s old boxing matches, and other sports commercials that were reminiscent of the 90s and early 2000s. Memorabilias and bottles of Craft Beers were also displayed on the walls.

franks craft beers

(L) Franks Hot dogs; (R) Hot sauce bottles displayed near the counter for easy access of dining guests

franks craft beers

Eat & Run. I saw many guests arrive to enjoy a quick meal and lounge for a little while before they ran back to casinos. Of course, Franks isn’t exclusive for playing guests. Guests can go inside the casino area and head over to Franks to dine. However, only guests aged 21 years and up are the only ones allowed inside the casinos. The management shared with us that they have plans to expand and open in another location outside of the casino to cater to families and younger frank fans.

franks craft beers

Quick dogs. Orders are served quickly, and Franks pride themselves in getting your order done in seventy seconds or less. When they said quick bites for the busy casino gamer, they didn’t mention this quick.

You won’t also encounter problems getting seated. The hot dog joint can accommodate about fifty dining guests, but most guests don’t stay too long, since there are so many other things to do and see at RWM.

resorts world franks craft beers

Franks’ Buffalo Wings (Php 188 for Six Pieces, Php 338 for 12 pieces and Php 458 for 18 pieces)


We were unapologetic for digging into all the finger foods served at Franks. The Franks’ Buffalo Wings was by far, my favorite. The wings are without batter unlike most wings sold, but the flavor really digs deep into the chicken meat. It was subtly spicy with the bleu cheese which helped boost the flavor of the wings. At Php 188 for six pieces of buffalo wings, this might just give Fridays a run for their money. I could finish a dozen of these!

resorts world franks craft beers

Thick-cut fries (Php 78)

resorts world franks craft beers

Potato wedges (Php 98)

For the fries and the wedges, I appreciated how they were in huge cuts, not to mention in a huge serving that’s valued more than they are priced. They’re not soggy or dripping in oil, which makes them a preferable treat.

franks craft beers resorts world

Nachos (Php 158)

I loved the super-sized serving of Nachos served with guacamole on the side and affordably priced at Php 158. They didn’t hold back on the cheese and other toppings, either. I can remember my seatmate, Renz from, who could not stop telling us how good these nachos were. And when I said generous serving of toppings, I meant that it’s exactly the kind where you run out of chips faster than you finish the toppings. That isn’t such a bad problem, is it?

franks craft beers resorts world

Classic Frank (Php 128)

franks craft beers resorts world

Chicken Inasal (Php 148)

With the franks, you have the liberty of choosing your own toppings among a number of choices, including Mexican cheese sauce, guacamole, sour cream, and jalapeño. If you don’t know what to order, the Classic Frank is your safest pick. But when you’re at Franks, you shouldn’t miss out on their Filipino favorites-inspired franks. The fusion of the classic hot dog with popular Filipino dishes will not fail in tickling your taste buds’ fancy. The Chicken Inasal features a pure chicken frank topped with wasabi at curry sauce. The sauces are mildly spicy, but provides a very Asian touch to the dish. Light-eaters and chicken-lovers might enjoy this frank over the other varieties.

franks craft beers

Braised Beef (Php 148)

franks craft beers

Chicken Pork Adobo (Php 148)

The Braised Beef frank is exactly what the name suggests: all-beef goodness packed into a frank and topped with catsup, mayo, and mustard on top. But from the four variants, it was the Chicken Pork Adobo that won my heart. Filipinos love the savory adobo, and how flavorful it can get. The Chicken Pork Adobo frank was exactly that: juicy and flavorsome, with the sweet cream base, and the crunchy fried garlic topping. I was so full from all the good food I ate earlier so I was leaving out the buns of the other variants, but with the Chicken Pork Adobo frank, I could finish all of it without difficulty, bun included.

franks craft beers

Banana Fritter (Php 98)

The Banana Fritters will surely remind you of our very own local dessert, the Turon. But unlike turon wherein the banana is dusted with brown sugar, wrapped with Turon wrapper , then deep fried, Franks reinvented the banana fritter. They came up with their own batter in which they dip their bananas into prior to deep frying, thus preventing the bananas from getting too soggy with oil. The batter also provides a soft wrapper to the banana fritter instead of the turon wrappers that turn crispy when fried. Embellished with a special chocolate syrup on top and served with whipped cream on the side, you would never think that this upgraded version of the banana fritter is only Php 98.

As for the drinks, they offer a premium lineup of Europe’s finest brews or a glass of draft beer starting at Php 240. They also have sodas, root beers, and iced tea, among others.

Despite being located at the luxurious casino area of Resorts World Manila, Franks Craft Beers is surprisingly priced affordably and gives good value for money. A straightforward menu of savory finger foods make it a preferable place to dine and enjoy a good frank. I do wish they’d open up in a location nearer to my place, but even if they don’t in the immediate future, Franks Craft Beers is on top of my list of reasons to go back to Resorts World Manila.-HANA

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  • Rain Gatdula  says:

    Another dinner date idea for me! Will tell him about this! We both love hotdogs! yey! :))) the price is good! yum!

  • Joimee Castillo  says:

    Wooo hotdogs! I love hotdogs and i really wnted to try this. The price is really okay and affordable. Thanks Miss Hana because of your reviews, i do have many idea where to bring my boyfie :)))

  • christopher amo  says:

    thats so yummy especially the hotdog and taco hana!

  • Eddielli Bungay  says:

    This place is wonderful. I’m not really a fan of hotdogs but the menu on Franks makes me wanna go there! I would love to try your favorite the chicken pork adobo!

  • crystal cruz  says:

    hmmmm mouth watering…wanna try the chicken pork adobo

  • kevin michael huffer  says:

    omg i am so craving for hotdog and fries right now!

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