Review: Dessert-lovin’ at Cafe 1771 (El Pueblo, Ortigas, Pasig City)

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Cafe 1771 at El Pueblo, Ortigas, Pasig City

Last Tuesday, we dropped by Sidebar, El Pueblo to check out their popular Sidebar Salbacho Pizza and Sidebartinis, among other menu items that were making the buzz online. After our dinner, we weren’t able to resist the call of desserts from Cafe 1771, which was located beside Sidebar. From the name alone, one would recognize it to be part of the 1771 group of restaurants, along with Sidebar, Sentro 1771, and Winebar. I was thrilled to find out what will make our dining experience at Cafe 1771 an unforgettable one.

ortigas coffee shop


Cafe 1771 drew me in with their whimsical ambiance, from the comfy chairs and couches, to the quaint porcelain plates and fixtures that hang on the walls. It was a vision straight from a Parisian cafe, elegant and bright, making you wish you can stay there all day. Cafe 1771 is essentially a breakfast place, but breakfast ceases to be served after 11 AM. It shouldn’t surprise you that I find Cafe 1771 appealing simply because it’s a breakfast place, and breakfast just so happens to be my favorite meal of the day.

ortigas coffee shop

In the afternoon, the place is brightly lit up especially with the sunlight shining through the windows. I can just imagine myself enjoying afternoon desserts seated at a table by the windows. And in the evening, the place is dimly lit by elegant lamps that hung overhead.

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Desserts display

We made ourselves comfortable at a table in front of the desserts display. And as we went through the menu, it felt like a staggering task to choose which dessert to order for ourselves. All the desserts looked promising. If we could order everything, we would! We asked one of their staff to help us choose  which desserts to order.

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Macarons (Php 40/each)

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Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate Macarons

We started our desserts with a round of French Macarons and savored one of each flavor they offered. I’m a big fan of these bite-sized treats, so I anticipated trying out every flavor they had. My favorite would have to be the Chocolate Macarons. They were exquisite and flavorfully rich. It stood out from all the flavors for me. The other flavors are worth trying as well.

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French Lemon Tart

The French Lemon Tart was a small, round tart that packed in tangy lemon cream in a crisp tart. I loved that it had a strong lemon flavor, and I could have finished it all! But my friends didn’t love it as much as I did because they found it a bit too sour. This is perfect for those who are not fond of desserts that are too sweet. I chose to order this because my friends went for the sweeter desserts, and I needed something to neutralize all the sugar we were about to ingest.

cafe 1771 ortigas

Coffee Pie (Php 220)

The Coffee Pie is Cafe 1771’s Signature Dessert. Initially, my friends were hesitant to order this one because it might be too bitter for their liking. But seeing as how this one is the signature dessert of Cafe 1771, we couldn’t really pass on the chance to taste it. It was obvious how they did not skip on the plating, making sure that the presentation was perfectly appealing. And it had a rich, coffee flavor that wasn’t overwhelmingly bitter. In fact, the bitterness was very subtle to one’s taste. Coffee lovers would enjoy this pie like they enjoy their cup of coffee. I’d have to say that among the desserts we tried that night, Cafe 1771’s Coffee Pie is collectively our favorite.

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Chocolate Caramel Mousse Cake (Php 250)

The Chocolate Caramel Mousse Cake had me at “caramel”. I would have ordered this one if my friend, Carol of did not beat me to it. It featured layers of caramel mousse, chocolate bisquit and chocolate ganache, and the plating was inviting as ever. However, we all found it too sweet. Despite my love for anything and everything sugar-laced, I won’t be able to finish this cake alone even if I tried. Not even if I sliced a quarter of a cake. It was overwhelmingly sweet, and my taste buds just happened to want something lighter or something that offered a contrast to the sweetness of this dessert.

cafe 1771 ortigas

Monroe Bread Pudding (Php 250)

It was my first time to sample a bread pudding. Cafe 1771’s was a brioche-type bread baked in custard, so you’d notice two layers on your dessert: the top layer being the bread, and the pudding at the bottom. It featured a scoop of vanilla ice cream atop the bread pudding, and a serving of milk on the side. We enjoyed this dessert for the softness and the quality of the bread, and the sweetness and creaminess of the thin pudding layer underneath. This is something I’d love to eat with a cup of coffee, and I’ll be able to finish this one without any difficulty in minutes. This is a safe and satisfying dessert to try at Cafe 1771.

cafe 1771 ortigas

Price Range (Desserts): Php 150-300

There are still so many desserts I have yet to sample at Cafe 1771. Plus, I just have to return for a taste of their breakfast dishes, as they are regarded to serve the best breakfast on this side of the town. Cafe 1771’s menu has so many savory offerings that you won’t run out of reasons to come back.-HANA

Cafe 1771
El Pueblo Real de Manila, J.Vargas cor. ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City,
Open from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 10 pm | Sunday from 7 am to 10 pm
Contact (02)631-7340 & (02)470-6559 for Reservations and Inquiries
E-mail at
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  • Paula Alagao  says:

    Lovely place and the desserts? I want to have all of them now! :)

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