Review: Burger, Wings, Milkshakes and Fries at Sweet Ecstasy (Cubao Expo, Quezon City)

Review: Sweet Ecstasy at Cubao Expo, Quezon City

Continuing our gastronomic exploration of Cubao Expo, we headed over to Sweet Ecstasy for some lip-smackin good burgers and milkshakes. Before doing a little bit of research on Sweet Ecstasy, my first impression was that it was a desserts place. But after checking out their Facebook page, I saw that they used to sell cookies and milkshakes, and now they have focused on their burgers, wings, and fries. Some even hail it as the “Best Burger in Quezon City.” That alone got me curious and excited for what I was about to discover that night.

Sweet Ecstasy used to occupy the first floor of the building, but since their kitchen is on the second floor, they decided to move up everything there, and transform the first floor into gallery space. Their walls displayed vintage posters, which I initially thought were authentic vintage ones from the 50s. Turns out that Al Galang, co-owner of Sweet Ecstasy, toiled in designing all these amazing vintage posters himself. If you dare look a little closer, the posters are going to make you crave for Sweet Ecstasy’s specialties. I can totally imagine some of these poster designs turned into shirts. And as a fan of the place and their food, I’ll be proud to wear these amazing designs.

The Fries: From L-R: Kamote Fries (Php 100), Ecstasy Fries (Php 130), Fantastic Fries (Php 80)

Meet Sweet Ecstasy’s crispy Fries Trio. The Kamote Fries, served with a sweet chili sauce, is my favorite among the three. I enjoyed the cheesy kamote goodness of the fries with every bite, and it was well-paired with the sweet chili sauce. The Sweet Ecstasy Fries is another crowd favorite, with its dollop of cheese and sauce on top. The Fantastic Fries is the closest you’ll get to a regular serving of fries, but you have the option to upgrade it to Onion Rings.

Onion rings, anyone?

From Top L-R:Buffalo Wings (Php 200 for 1/2 dozen); Honey Barbecue (Php 320 for 1 dozen);
Bottom L-R: Asian Soy Honey Wings; Choco Cola Wings (Php 320/dozen)

I wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty and eat the wings with my hands that night. After all, I looked forward to trying the wings out all night. They had three flavors on their menu, and only recently introduced a new one, the Asian Soy Honey Wings. The Asian Soy Honey Wings reminded me a lot of Bon Chon’s chicken, which is everyone’s favorite. I loved the kick I got from biting into the spicy Buffalo wings, the sweet Honey Barbecue Wings, and the interesting flavor introduced by the Choco Cola Wings. I’ve never tried anything like the Choco Cola Wings before, and I don’t think I’ll find this flavor of wings anywhere else. They also weren’t dripping with oil, which I found comfort in, after devouring wing after wing. Also, they have some huge vodka-buttered wing parts there. At some point, everyone was so full, no one wanted to take this really big chunk of wing left. I do hope they’ll offer plastic gloves to customers so that they don’t have to get their hands greasy and find eating wings more appealing.

Burgers: Hamburger (Php 150); The Double (Php 230); Cheeseburger (Php 170)

Sweet X’s burgers are straightforward, with only three choices to choose from: Hamburger, Cheeseburger, or The Double. And you’re probably asking what makes their burgers different from all the other burgers in town? Other than their meat is never frozen, and their vegetables are guaranteed fresh (since they’re located near the markets in Cubao, they don’t have to stock up), their patty formula is one that has been tried and tested, resulting in the salty, nutty, and tasty ratio that their patrons enjoy. They also take pride in their Ecstasy Sauce, generously served in the burger, making it extra tasty.

Sweet Ecstasy’s burgers are all branded X, which stands for — what else? Sweet X, of course.

What I liked about Sweet X’s burgers is that the buns are not bathing in oil, revealing that these burgers are not exactly a health hazard to most people. I’ve seen burgers from other places with next to inedible buns soaked in cooking oil after the oil has drained from the patty, and that’s not a good thing. With Sweet X, I can rest easy and enjoy my burger without worrying about getting a heart attack after.

Premium Milkshakes (Php 140) : Red Velvet; Salted Caramel with Brownie Fudge

Coffee Oreo Premium Milkshake

While I haven’t tried a lot of milkshake places in the past, I will get ahead of myself and say that Sweet Ecstasy makes the best milkshakes. And they even have adult shakes, which are milkshakes, only more fun with a little alcohol.

Black Bear: One of Sweet Ecstasy’s Adult Shakes

Sweet Ecstasy’s list of Adult Shakes

I enjoyed dining with the American vintage diner feel all around. It was a casual and chill dining experience with American comfort foods we all crave for once in a while. But my favorite takeaway from that night was meeting the owners DJ Fran Tobias of Monster Radio and Yoga instructor Al Galang, and hearing them talk about the beginnings of Sweet Ecstasy. It was the love for food and the desire to share it with others that transformed the little milkshake and cookie place into what is now regarded by many in QC as the “Best Burger Place in Town.” They certainly didn’t need formal culinary training to win the hearts of many with their food; just sheer commitment to perfecting their craft and discovering the best way to make wonderful burgers.

The duo behind Sweet Ecstasy: Fran Tobias and Al Galang

Great food, atmosphere, and an inspiring story to boot. Our visit at Sweet Ecstasy couldn’t be any sweeter.-HANA

PS: Do watch out for Sweet Ecstasy’s Jupiter Makati Branch opening sometime this month! Also, which of Sweet Ecstasy’s food are you craving to try right now? Leave a comment below!

Sweet Ecstasy
Cubao Expo, Quezon City
Contact Number: 0916 594 1229
Open from: Tue – Thu: 4 pm – 10 pm | Fri – Sat: 4 pm – 12 am
Like Sweet Ecstasy on Facebook and Follow Sweet X Manila on Twitter

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    Wow! The foods look delicious and very affordable! I’m craving for Kamote Fries and Coffee Oreo Premium Milkshake! :)

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    the food that they serve looks yummy and its affordable.. Will definitely visit when I am in the area.

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