Photoblog: Exploring Resorts World Manila

I’ve never been to Resorts World Manila before.

Despite its popularity and the fact that a lot of events happen there, I’ve always found an excuse to not go. “It’s far” is my favorite excuse. I don’t know of any easy or convenient way to commute to RWM other than to take a taxi, which will rip me off by Php 300. “Besides, I’m not into gambling” is my second favorite excuse. So when the opportunity to go presented itself, I decided to take a leap and finally check out RWM.

I’ve heard about the RWM Shuttles before, but never tried taking a ride on it because it required a membership card. I did try to secure a membership card more than a year ago, but it was so inconvenient! So when I found out that you can temporarily use your ID to avail a shuttle ride to RWM, I headed for the pickup point nearest to my location, the one at Richmonde Hotel. They have strict pickup and drop off schedules, so I had to make sure to get there on time (at 10:30 PM) so that I won’t miss the shuttle for my appointment at 12 PM. And it was surprisingly convenient! I just presented my ID, hopped on the RWM shuttle, and made myself comfortable. I even fell asleep during the thirty-minute ride. And when I opened my eyes, we were already near the drop-off point. Who said getting to Resorts World Manila is a hassle?

Trippy LED Stairs

With much time to kill, I explored RWM. I managed to avoid the Casino area, and went for the mall, thinking that the meetup point (Franks Craft Beers) would be located there. It turns out that Franks Craft Beers wasn’t in the mall, but I found out that there were a whole lot of other food establishments at the mall like Mr. Kurosawa, Old Penang, and my favorite, Kopi Roti. Most of the establishments are high-end ones, but they have McDonalds on the fourth floor. Other than that, the cinemas are located on the fourth floor as well. The third floor housed mostly shopping boutiques, while the second floor is where you’ll find plenty of the food establishments and some popular clothing brands like Lacoste, among others.

Resorts World Manila Mall

Fourth floor: Lounge outside the cinemas

Later on, I had to enter the casino area to get to my destination. It wasn’t without much inquisition from the guards before I was able to pass through security. They had to make sure that a) I’m over 21 years old, and b) I won’t use my camera to take photos of the casino. I didn’t get to find out why it’s not okay to take photos of the casino, but I just followed the rules, unless I want to risk getting kicked out of the premises. And what I saw inside the casino area amazed me to no end.

Because I don’t condone gambling, I didn’t feel invited to play. But the neon lights that called your attention to the slot machines, all the games that you can play inside the casino, and the extravagance of the venue made me feel I was in an adult playground. It’s like Timezone for people with money to spare. On a Friday morning, I saw a lot of people, mostly old people, playing, and even though I went close to them to watch what they were doing, I did not manage to understand anything. :))

After our food-tasting event at Franks, we were toured around the mall and Maxim’s Hotel. We were led to the pool area, and it was really luxurious.

Maxims Hotel Poolside

Maxims Hotel Poolside

Maxims Hotel Poolside

My favorite takeaway from my first time at Resorts World Manila was that I got to find out it was more than a casino; it was a lifestyle and entertainment center. From the mall, bars (like Republiq), casinos, hotels, buffet restaurants, among many other features, Resorts World Manila has everything for everyone. And I really liked how they pamper their guests, making sure that their guests get the best experience from their visit. The free shuttle service was my favorite feature, because now, I can go to RWM without fearing inconvenience. They also helped me secure my membership card in less than fifteen minutes, so I can use it to avail the various RWM features and services in the future.

I’m inviting all of you guys to go visit Resorts World Manila. Find out the shuttle service pickup point nearest to your place and note the pickup schedule. Use a valid ID to avail the free shuttle ride to RWM, and apply for a membership card once you’re there. You can still avail the shuttle service to get back to your point of origin, or other designated drop off points. Bring your family and friends with you! There is so much to find at Resorts World Manila.-HANA

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  • Ealbert  says:

    It was nice meeting you there.

  • maricar  says:

    One time I attended an event at RWM, I also used their free shuttle coming from the airport. The driver even assisted me with my luggage. Hassle-free!

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