Must-Try: Frog Legs and Oyster Cakes at Estero Fastfood (Binondo, Manila)

Estero Fastfood in Binondo, Manila

During the WD My Cloud Binondo Photowalk and Food Tour, we were acquainted with an obscure food spot in Binondo called Estero Fastfood. It’s said to be popular for its frog legs and oyster cakes, two dishes I’ve never tried in the past. It was worth looking into, so I readied myself for what I was about to experience.

Don’t be fooled by the “Air-conditioned” :))

Estero Fastfood is located along a narrow spot beside one of Binondo’s esteros. You’d think that dining beside an estero would prove to be an unpleasant experience, but there was no smell of the estuary to distract you from eating to your heart’s content. During our visit, it was humid and the day felt like the mark of the start of summer. The establishment features an open space, so don’t expect any air-conditioning.

Selfie with Marco, Mica, and Sumi while waiting for our food

Despite the great number of customers dining during our visit, it didn’t take long for our food to be served.

Oyster Cakes, Frog Legs, and Pepsi

Frog Legs

We attacked and ate the frog legs with our hands. It tasted like chicken, and you won’t really be able to tell that it’s actually frog if you didn’t know better. I dipped mine in ketchup, since it tasted like chicken and all. :)) But I had a hard time getting satisfied with the frog legs because there was very little meat, so you have to eat more to be satisfied.

Marco and I savoring our frog legs.

Oyster Cake at Estero Fastfood in Binondo, Manila

And then there was the Oyster Cake. The ketchup actually goes with the oyster cake, but I used it on the frog legs, too. The oyster cake was around six inches in diameter and was packed with oysters sans the shell. Isn’t it more fun to enjoy oysters without having to scrape them off their hard shells? It was mixed in with scrambled eggs and bits and pieces of greens and was fried until cooked. The Oyster Cake was delicious and affordably priced at Php 100 for Small, Php 150 for Medium and Php 200 for Large. Our large Oyster Cake was stretched to serve all six of us, but I bet I can finish one on my own. Maybe during my next visit, I’ll drop by Estero to order one for myself.

When in Binondo, drop by Estero Fastfood to try their Oyster Cakes and Frog legs! You shouldn’t miss these affordably priced exotic delicacies during your next visit to Chinatown.-HANA

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  • Paula Alagao  says:

    Wow! Frog legs and oyster cake, definitely a must try! :)

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