Jessy Mendiola is Astringosol’s New Brand Ambassador

Jessy Mendiola as the New Brand Ambassador of AstringOsol

March 12, 2014 — AstringOsol presents their newest confidence ambassador, and it’s none other than actress Jessy Mendiola.

Days prior to the launch, fans of AstringOsol were teased on the brand’s social media sites as to who their latest brand ambassador might be. And on March 12, friends from the media awaited the big reveal at Imperial Ice Bar, a venue that cannot be more fitting for the launch. The guests got the chance to enter the Ice Bar and experience #CoolasIce like they’ve never experienced before.

jessy mendiola astringosol

jessy mendiola astringosol

Inside the Ice Bar

jessy mendiola astringosol gino quillamor

Jessy Mendiola, together with the event’s host, Gino Quillamor, Senior Product Manager Randy Silva, and General Manager of GSK Philippines Jeoffrey Yulo shares a ceremonial toast

Jessy shares that in her line of work, confidence is key, and having fresh breath makes all the difference. Jessy sites herself as an example: “Before I used Astring-O-sol, I would really catch myself being conscious about my breath. Especially in my line of work where interaction is key, I really needed a partner to ensure that I was confident enough to deliver my lines and my scenes.”

jessy mendiola astringosol

Jessy says that “we all need icy fresh breath to be our confidence ally and Astring-O-sol is my partner in facing my everyday challenges with confidence. I truly believe that everybody has the power to impress others and blow people away. It’s just all about staying positive, being confident, believing in oneself and of course, having good oral hygiene with the help of Astring-O-sol.” Astring-O-sol has a unique Tri-Defense formula that helps strengthens the teeth, protects the gums and, cleans the tongue.

Watch Jessy Mendiola’s video below as she blowfies away Top Mouth Turn Offs, thanks to Astringosol.

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  • Jocris  says:

    I have watched that,and yeah,It is really cool.!and Jessy Mendiola, yay!So pretty lady.

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