IHOP Introduces New Line of Filipino Breakfast Dishes, Available Starting March 17

IHOP Restaurants Celebrate One Year Anniversary in the Philippines with Launch of New Line of Filipino Breakfast Dishes

I first walked into IHOP almost a year ago, and during that time, they only had one branch located at BGC. I remember having to wait for almost twenty mins for a table, because despite two months into operations that time with very little marketing efforts, people flocked to IHOP for their world-famous pancakes. And now IHOP Philippines with three branches and expecting to open two more this summer, celebrates their first year here in the country by presenting their special menu of five Filipino breakfast favorites, available all day.

“As a global brand but a local business, our goal is to bring our guests both the classic breakfast items that have made IHOP famous around the world, as well as menu items that celebrate and appeal to the local appetites of our guests. These new menu items bring our guests the best that IHOP has to offer with delicious dishes that are unique to the Philippines and truly brings the best of both our culinary cultures to our guests.” explains Daniel del Olmo, President of DineEquity, Inc.

Savory Pork Longganisa (Php 375)

Classic Pork Tocino (Php 295)

Lean Chicken Sausage (Php 295)

Classic Chicken Tocino (Php 345)

Breakfast Beef Tapa (Php 375)

I am definite that most Filipinos are familiar to these new Filipino menu offerings, and IHOP hopes that with the introduction of these items to the menu, they can get more foreigners to be acquainted to Filipino cuisine. All the Filipino breakfasts are served with garlic rice, two eggs of any style (scrambled, or sunny side up), achara, and seasoned vinegar on the side. Guests can also order any of these menu items with IHOP’s Buttermilk Pancakes, Stuffed French Toast or Brioche French Toast.

From L-R: Peaches and Cream Brioche French Toast, Strawberry Vanilla Stuff French Toast, and Berry Berry Brioche French Toast

And with summer now here, IHOP’s also launching four new ice cream parfait flavors co-created with Nestle Ice Cream. But they’re not your ordinary parfaits. Here’s why:

From L-R: Childhood Memories (Php 195) and Chocolate Decadence (Php 245)

If you’re a fan of hash browns, you’re in for a treat. IHOP decided to throw hash browns into their newest parfait flavor, Childhood Memories, which also includes vanilla ice cream layered with sinful strawberry and blueberry syrup. When you dig in, you’ll discover cheesecake bits in the mix as well. Chocolate Decadence, on the other hand, is equally irresistible. It features scoops of decadent chocolate ice cream together with IHOP’s Butter Pecan Syrup, dark chocolate and white chocolate chips, and maple candied bacon strips. YES, IT HAS BACON, so you enjoy chewing on the crispy bacon bits while savoring your chocolate ice cream. Can this dessert get any better?

Top: Chocolate Decadence (Php 245)
Bottom L-R: Mango Peaches & Cream Parfait (Php 195) and Mixed Berry Parfait (Php 245)

If you want more fruits in your dessert, go for the Mango Peaches & Cream Parfait, as well as the Mixed Berry Parfait. The Mango Peaches & Cream offers a blend if mango and cheesecake ice cream with slices of peaches and IHOP’s special granola on top. The Mixed Berry Parfait is my favorite among the four desserts. It has chocolate ice cream topped with strawberries and blueberries, and drizzled with creamy yogurt. My favorite bit in the Mixed Berry Parfait is the oatmeal streusels. There’s something about the oatmeal streusels that make you wish they filled the dessert with more. Maybe it’s the chewy texture, but whatever it is, you have to try it out for yourself.

The IHOP Team

Other than the great food, I liked how the service was friendly, dynamic and personal. Servers never forget to introduce themselves, and they make sure that the guests are happy with the food and the service. It’s the kind of customer service that I enjoy, and I hope that other establishments would follow suit.

The Filipino Breakfast dishes and summer desserts are available all day beginning March 17. For those who were unaware, all IHOP branches here in the Philippines are open 24 hours during Fridays and Saturdays. The rest of the weak, they’re open from 6 AM til 12 MN. IHOP made mouthwatering additions to their menu, ones which you’ll surely enjoy and come back for more.-HANA

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  • Stacy |tsinoyfoodies  says:

    err gusto ko yung parfait lol

  • […] IHOP Introduces New Line of Filipino Breakfast Dishes, Available Starting March 17 […]

  • Rain Gatdula  says:

    I’ve been joining giveaways for Ihop since last year, I hope to win this time if magpapa giveaway kayo ng GC’s. hehehehe! Wanna try their pancakes! :((

  • Joimee Castillo  says:

    Another retaurant to go. Huhu already craving for the food they serve. I wnat to try the french toast with vanilla.

  • christopher amo  says:

    omg so yummy

  • Eddielli Bungay  says:

    I’ve heard of IHOP many times before last year but unfortunately malayo sya sa place ko. I hope that they will open here a branch malapit sa north. Those desserts are mouth watering from the pictures! As for the filipino menu they are too pricey for me, but I won’t completely judge because hindi ko pa talaga sila na ta-try hehe!

  • crystal cruz  says:

    favorite ko po mga ganyang food. i remember lage kami kumakain ng ganyan pero sa ibang branch. now it’s time to try at IHOP.

  • kevin michael huffer  says:

    omg the desserts looks tempting.. imma go there !!thanks for posting this hana!

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