Hello March~

Wow~ time flies by so fast. We’re already approaching the end of the first quarter, and I feel like I haven’t accomplished a lot yet. I got stuck in a few issues I realized I haven’t moved on from yet, and now, I’m really trying to move forward with my life.

March started with my best friend’s birthday ヾ(≧∪≦*)ノ〃And we spent some time malling and eating a lot of sweets…

Death by desserts!

And planning on exercising for that elusive summer body and target weight. I’ve started the habit of the 10-minute Jump-rope workout, and I got Justine to buy a jump rope to join me on this. It’s pretty much Ellen Adarna’s fault. Just watching her videos make you want to stop eating for good. But she probably eats a lot and sweats it out through a rigorous workout (which I don’t have the patience for, so let me starve myself haha)

Walalang selfie. Mema lang. Memaipost.

I’m glad for three things today~

1. My favorite series are back. After a two-week hiatus, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, and The Originals were back last week, so I have something to look forward to again, other than The Walking Dead. Also, Hannibal Season 2 premiered today, so I’m going to watch it after I write this down.

2. Renewed hope for good things. For one, it always surprises me when people come up to me and tell me they read my blog! I’ve tried so hard to keep a low profile (except with the giveaways), which is why it’s heartwarming to know that people read silly stuff I write down on my little space. So to everyone who’s reading my blog posts, thank you <3 I’ve never had the confidence to be super proud of my blog because I’m not a writer or anything. I’m just an ordinary girl who wanted to share my experiences with the world.

Also, I’ve been astray from my great plan in life,  and was distracted by a lot of petty things. So I’m trying to get back in track. And if you’ve noticed, I’ve been quite down recently, and was thinking that a change in an environment maybe good. Somewhere temporary like a two-day trip to the beach, maybe? Or something that would take more time, like getting a job in a faraway place, where I can be lost and alone for a while. My friends have been urging me to try for Singapore, check out what opportunities it holds for me. I’ve never thought of working abroad before, and my current slump has somewhat forced me to welcome the idea. If I had relatives in Singapore, I might just jump at the opportunity. But with no place to live and no employer to hire me yet, escaping to another country doesn’t seem as easy as I think. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for opportunities someplace far. I think I just really need a fresh start at something, to get me off my recent preoccupation.

3. Giveaways, closet sales, etc~ I’ll be giving away a Php 2000 Converse GC once my blog page on Facebook hits 2,000 LIKES! So if you don’t want to miss out, like the page from my sidebar, or click on the link above. Also, my best friend and I are clearing up closet space, so a lot of good clothes are up for grabs for as low as Php 50! Watch out for it, alright?

Despite everything, I can say my life is amazing. I guess it’s just a matter of perspective, and the realization that many of the things I take for granted, some people are praying for. I hope your life is amazing, too. And if it’s not, go make it awesome. ☺

2 comments to Hello March~

  • Pau Alagao  says:

    A lot of things to look forward for march for us! Getting ready for summer season! :)

  • alvin imperial  says:

    please be good to me not only this march but all month’s this year.. hehe

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