What You Missed at Foodgasm IV: Craving for More?

Foodgasm 2014 at Mercato Centrale, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

I was so stoked to be part of Foodgasm IV as a Food Blogger Judge, and got to bring with me Justine, my best friend, to enjoy a whole afternoon of sampling what the newest players in the food industry has to offer. Most of these food businesses sell and market their goods online, and have no physical store yet to boast of. However, if hailed the winner of this year’s Foodgasm, they get to win for themselves free rent at Mercato Centrale, and we get to taste more of their mouthwatering treats!

For foodies like me, Foodgasm provided the rare opportunity to discover food innovations by small home-grown businesses without having to spend a fortune. For Php 200 pesos, you get to sample over twenty different up and coming food products before they make it big. The sample serving wasn’t big, but I found myself completely full by the end of the night. Each participant is given a form where they score the food items based on taste, presentation, and foodgasm factor.

Happy Monster’s Elvis Pie

We got acquainted with Happy Monster‘s Elvis Pie: a tasty combination of peanut butter, banana, chocolate and whipped cream. Named as such because this dessert happened to be Elvis Presley’s favorite. I would liken it to a banoffee pie, minus the caramel. Tasty, but I got bitin! Wished I went back for more!

Cooking Ina’s Rhum Balls came in varieties with chili, among others

Chorizo de Cebu‘s Pork Hamonado Flavored Chorizo — thank you for bringing over Cebu’s Chorizo here in Manila and sharing the love! I also liked that you served it with Pinakurat vinegar, my favorite!

Niku Niku’s Fishcakes: 2 for Php 59

Niku Niku’s Fishcakes

Niku Niku‘s Fishcakes won Foodgasm’s People’s Choice Award! I don’t think I have to say any more, but let me just add that it started out as a thesis, and now they’ve won the hearts and tummies of foodies at Foodgasm and the patrons of Midnight Mercato in BGC, including actress Dina Bonnevie. I was so excited to have a taste of it, and since it was bite-sized, I popped it in my mouth without reservation. It was too late when I found out it was hot! I almost cried, haha, but I did get to taste and find out why people lined up like crazy for these 2-for-Php 59 Fishcakes.

Cheecups by Team Johnny (Php 90 for one jar)

Another popular concept seen at Foodgasm was the dessert-in-a-jar c/o Cheecups by Team Johnny. These treats would make great gifts to friends, since they come in such a cute packaging.

Hunger Buster’s Dying Buger

The juicy patties of Hunger Buster‘s Dying Burger won them this year’s Foodgasm Champion title. For less than a hundred pesos, you get treated to a quarter pound burger with bacon, mushroom, and melted cheesy goodness. We loved it, and we’re glad we’ll be able to see more of them outside Ateneo.

Pastillas Flan — perfect for halo-halo and in combination with other desserts

Japanese Okonomiyaki Fries by Country Fries. I loved how they got the okonomiyaki taste right. The first of its kind, and I look forward to devouring more of it!

Chili Chili Bang Bang’s Original Chili and Bite the Bullet Chili. I think they had to tone down the spiciness of their chili in fear that the crowd might find it too spicy, that’s why the spice was really subtle, even with the Bite the Bullet Chili. That, or my tolerance for spicy food has gone through the roof.

Babci Kuchnia‘s Polish Pierogi (or Polish Dumplings) — I voted this one as Expert’s Choice because it was so new to me. It’s my first encounter with Polish food, and I was really expecting it to taste like Siomai. Totally different, but had a taste closer to home.

Ruby Red Kitchen’s The Original Cinammon Monkey Bread
(Php 200 for Regular Size; Php 600 for Large)

And my vote for Most Innovative Recipe went to Ruby Red Kitchen for their Original Cinnamon Monkey Bread. At first, the name got me curious, and I’m sure you are, too. But then I asked Ms. Ling and her husband, the owners of Ruby Red Kitchen, and they are as puzzled as I am as well! Haha! They did provide an explanation that their bread’s the kind you enjoy eating with your hands than with utensils. And then they mentioned that their Cinammon bread was potato-based, which makes all the difference in the consistency of the bread! It was creamy and fluffy, and something you’ll love to have for an afternoon snack or a dessert to cap off your meal.

Ruby Red Kitchen’s Parmesan Herb Monkey Bread (Php 200)

Then we tasted their latest creation, the Parmesan Herb Monkey Bread, along with their Cream Cheese and Marinara sauce. We couldn’t stop nagging them to sell the Parmesan Herb Monkey Bread with the Cream Cheese dip! It was a winning combination, one wherein foodies would love to buy together than just the Parmesan Herb Monkey Bread alone. Crossing my fingers and hoping they’ll heed our suggestion.

Congratulations to Foodgasm IV’s Winners!

It was unfortunate I couldn’t stay till the event concluded and wait for the announcement of the winners. I did enjoy the event immensely, and was so full I could barely walk to my next appointment! Some of the concessionares were friendly too and urged us to come back for more of their stuff. If only there were more tables to accommodate the huge number of participants better, but I’m guessing the organizers didn’t expect that there would be such a great response from foodies all over the metro. Foodgasm IV was packed, and that alone speaks for the success of this installment of Foodgasm. Till the next Foodgasm, folks! -HANA

PS: Thank you to UP Ecosoc for having me as a Food Blogger Judge. :) To those reading this post, which ones are you looking forward to try out? Let me know by commenting with your answers below!

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  • The Pickiest Eater  says:

    It’s nice to see the lineup has improved. The first two events, the majority of the exhibitors just served cupcakes hehe

  • Rattus  says:

    Hi Hana! I’m Rattus, we first met at the Ellen’s event in Ermita (the weird looking one hehe). Sayang we didn’t meet again at the Foodgasm 4 since I arrived there by 8.20pm. Hope we could meet again! =)

  • Stacy |tsinoyfoodies  says:

    So we blogger judges were not able to vote for the people’s choice?

  • Jay  says:

    We werent able to join this year’ s foodgasm. Visit our store https://www.facebook.com/eggitwaffle

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