When in Binondo: Exotic Finds at Serry’s Restaurant (S. Padilla St., Sta. Cruz, Manila)

serry restaurant binondo

Serry’s Restaurant at Sta. Cruz, Binondo, Manila

For our second destination for the WD My Cloud Binondo Food Tour, we went to Serry’s Restaurant in S. Padilla St. Our tour guides let us in on some background about Serry’s. It’s one of the older restaurants in the area which serves unusual dishes that are hard to come by in other more modern Chinese restaurants. At first, we got confused because the menu revealed the name of the restaurant to be Alaine Eatery. While I can’t really explain why that’s the name on the menu Serry’s is using, the spot is more commonly known by the locals as Serry’s.

serry restaurant binondo

The tables that accommodated bigger groups were round tables with a lazy susan at the center for ease of access to the dishes.

serry restaurant binondo

Bamboo Shells

I believe that these Bamboo Shells are named as such because of the design or pattern on the outer surface of the shell, as well as its thin, oblongated shape that reminds you of bamboos.

serry restaurant binondo

Goat Kaldereta / Kalderetang Kambing

The Goat Kaldereta, or Kalderetang Kambing, is by far my favorite in the restaurant’s menu. The soup was creamy and flavorful to sip and the goat meat was tender as ever. It practically falls of the bone.

serry restaurant binondo

Sibut Chicken Soup

The Sibut is one of Serry’s more popular dishes, and people come by to the restaurant for their specialty soup. I admit I was apprehensive to try the dish because of the black chicken. Later, I found out that the chicken’s skin turned black as a result of being soaked in the soup made with different herbs and spices. The soup was delicious, and was said to be good for the health as well, because it is infused with Chinese herbs that help cure different ailments. However, as a word of warning, we were told that it’s not advisable to be consumed by women expecting their period or already on their first day of period because the soup will promote an increase in the menstruation flow. If it’s dangerous to a woman’s health or just helping expel what needs to be expelled, I can’t tell for sure. So to women expecting their period, consume in moderation or at your own risk.

serry restaurant binondo

Fried Pork Intestines with Kropek on Top

Imagine Pork Isaw fried instead of grilled. That’s what you get at Serry’s: Fried Pork Intestines with Kropek on top. It was very crunchy to sink your teeth into, and many of us loved it. I do wish they’d serve it with vinegar next time.

serry restaurant binondo

Sauteed Pork Kidney

It’s amazing how even pork kidneys are not wasted in this restaurant. I’ve never tasted a kidney before, so I welcomed this dish with much gusto. However, I can’t really put its taste into words. The kidney itself was bland and didn’t taste like anything I’ve tasted before. It was thickly sliced and chewy. Much of the flavor of this dish came from the soup it was sauteed in, and teh vegetables lent flavor to the dish.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something exotic or out of the ordinary, check out Serry’s Restaurant in Sta. Cruz, Binondo. You might even chance upon availability of the popular Soup No. 5! There’s a plethora of dishes to try if you have a big appetite for the weird and unusual.-HANA


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