Review: Uncle Cheffy– More than BBQs and Panizzas (Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hill, Taguig City)

Adjacently located to Kuse at Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hill Taguig, is Uncle Cheffy, another successful concept from the Chef’s Quarter Group of Restaurants. Uncle Cheffy first launched in 2009, spearheaded by Managing Partner Larry Cortez and Executive Chef Mauro Arjona Jr. It has become famous for its Memphis Barbeque US Beef Rib Finger and its Panizza. Today, it has over twenty branches in Metro Manila and Taguig, and is continuously working towards aggressive expansion all over Luzon.

Review: Uncle Cheffy at Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hill, Taguig City

When I realized that it’s been five years into operation, I also found it surprising that I have not set foot in any of their branches. Maybe because I was told by many friends that Uncle Cheffy serves great food, but costs too much, which made me decide to not give it a chance. It was only two weeks ago that I got acquainted with the brand, and found out what I was missing.

Don’t be fooled by the interiors and the wine. It’s not as expensive as you think. Uncle Cheffy’s ambiance is that of a casual dining environment. It’s a family restaurant, and groups flock to the place for some delectable comfort foods. And who says enjoying wine is only for the elite? At Uncle Cheffy’s, we got to pair our wines with our panizzas and salads. It felt like living rich without the hefty price tag.

Food: Initially, I thought Uncle Cheffy was limited only to serving Italian cuisine. Upon delving more into their menu offerings, I found that Uncle Cheffy’s fall under Fusion Cuisine, as they combine different dishes that capture the taste of their customers.

Grilled Prawns and Pomelo Salad (Php 495)

The Uncle Cheffy Salad (Php 395)

Lovely Jenny Salad (Php 230)

We started with three different types of salads: The Lovely Jenny Salad, Grilled Prawns and Pomelo, and the Uncle Cheffy Salad. The serving size is sufficient for sharing among two to three people. The Lovely Jenny Salad, named after Sir Larry’s beautiful wife, is a green apple and arugula salad with marinated salmon in creamy french dressing. My favorite among the three salads was the Uncle Cheffy Salad, which featured crispy pork belly slices and potato wedges.

Uncle Cheffy’s Bestsellers

Cream Dory Munierre- (Php 295 for 500 grams / Php 595 for 1,000 grams)

This Cream Dory Munierre was one of my favorite viands that night. I’m biased because a) it’s cream dory, and b) it was curry-based sauce, and I’m a big sucker for curry. This is my first time to try Cream Dory cooked like this, and I thought to myself, “Why has no one else thought of this before?”

Roasted Chicken Maurino (Php 250 for 500grams/ Php 495 for 1,000 grams)

I didn’t fancy the Roasted Chicken Maurino as much as I did other dishes. The sauce was extremely flavorful, and it would have made a really great dish if the flavor seeped into the chicken meat more.

Garlic Studded Pork Belly Lechon (Php 95 per 100grams)

Uncle Cheffy’s Garlic Studded Pork Belly Lechon will be the death of me! I had to fight off the other bloggers for this one because it was so good! Especially with the gravy and the baby potatoes on the side.

Memphis BBQ U.S. Beef Back Ribs (Php 350 for 500grams / Php 695 for 1,000 grams)

The Memphis BBQ was one of those dishes responsible for putting Uncle Cheffy on the foodie radar. These fall-off-the-bone, slow-cooked ribs are probably best eaten clean with your fingers. But forks and knives do the trick just fine because of how tender the meat is.

Uncle Cheffy Specialties

Tiuey Noodles (Php 295)

I don’t think Tiuey is a word in any language. I tried looking it up with Google, only to find out that Uncle Cheffy coined the term, probably to mean “Chewy”. That was what I was hearing all night, anyway. The generous sauce serving and chewy noodle combo was tasty, and would make a perfect choice if you’re looking to order a pasta dish at Uncle Cheffy’s over rice and other items.

New England Pot Roast Beef (Php 495)

The Panizzas

My newest best friend, the Uncle Cheffy Panizza

We all know that the Panizza is a type of pizza that is not uncommon or even exclusively original to Uncle Cheffy. Before Uncle Cheffy, there was Yellow Cab’s Dear Darla, and only recently, Pazzo Rollio’s pizza. So what makes Uncle Cheffy’s Panizza unique? Other than offering diced tomatoes on top of arugula and alfalfa for the pizza, I really don’t know what makes them different from the others. All I know is that it’s the best tasting rolled pizza over the others I’ve mentioned.

All Meat Barbecued Panizza (Php 450 for Family Size, Php 235 for Medium)

East Meets West (Php 495 for Family Size, Php 250 for Medium Size)

Uncle Cheffy Favorites (Php 395 for Family Size, Php 200 for Medium Size)

Have I mentioned that Pizza is my ultimate comfort food? I believe I make it a point to mention every time I write about pizza, because I have a tendency to be biased. What I liked about rolled pizzas is that you get to enjoy more toppings than the crust, and admittedly, the “pretention” that it’s healthier because of the arugula, alfalfa and tomato salad :)) I didn’t hesitate to dive into this dish and eat it with my hands! But since I’m sharing it with other people, I chose not to put arugula, alfalfa, and tomatoes on my pizza anymore because I’ll get the serving spoon dirty with my hands :( Next time, I’ll order a family size and eat it on my own.

Among the three flavors, my favorite would have to be the All Meat Barbecued Pizza. It has beef teriyaki, pork, and chicken barbecue rolled into one brick-oven baked panizza. Second on my list is East Meets West, with the refreshing combination of Italian and Oriental influences poured into this yummy variant. I couldn’t believe how inexpensive it was at first, and how four people can share the affordable family size pizza (two, if you’re sharing it with me). That one misconception I had about Uncle Cheffy finally got debunked that night.


Chocolate Roulade (Php 150)

Cheffy Cheesecake (Php 150)

Chocolate Parfait (Php 125)

What do I love better than pizza? Why, desserts of course! And these three from Uncle Cheffy were all so good, but if I had to choose one I liked the most, I’d have to go with the Chocolate Roulade. It wasn’t very sweet, which I liked, and kept me digging in until it’s gone. That’s not to say that the two desserts lacked at all. The Cheffy Cheesecake’s garnishings drew me in, while the Chocolate Parfait’s pandan crepe was revelatory. But the Chocolate Roulade is something I’ve never tried before, and got me forgetting that I couldn’t breathe already from being so full.

Uncle Cheffy carries juices, wines, softdrinks, and coffee for drinks. I tried their Mango Banana Fresh Fruit Shake, and would have clamored for a second glass if not for the glass of red wine that sat untouched in front of me. For juices, you can get creative and request whatever combination you fancy, as long as they have the fruits available.

With over twenty branches in Manila and counting, I could easily elect Uncle Cheffy as my newest happy place. It’s affordable, accessible, and not to mention, they have my most favorite comfort food in the world! I look forward to my next Uncle Cheffy visit, which will probably be sooner than I think :) -HANA

Uncle Cheffy
Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hill, Taguig City
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  • Pau Alagao  says:

    Uncle Cheffy Panizza looks extremely awesome! I wanna go to Uncle Cheffy now! :)

    • dollhana  says:

      Yup! Try the All Meat Barbecue <3

  • alvin imperial  says:

    wow. looks all appetizing.. i wanna try all. ;D

    • dollhana  says:

      Which one’s your favorite, Alvin?

  • alvin imperial  says:

    Chocolate Roulade, Chocolate Parfait, East Meets West, Memphis BBQ U.S. Beef Back Ribs , Garlic Studded Pork Belly Lechon, Cream Dory Munierre and salad.. see? almost all of the above. :D

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