Review: Unsatisfactory Experience at Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell (SM Megamall Atrium, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City)

nail spa lounge by ellabell

Review: Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell, 5/F SM Megamall Atrium, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

This year’s Valentines was different from my previous Valentines, as I did not have anyone special to share it with. No worries because I don’t like celebrating it anyway. It was just that people on social networking sites were making such a fuss out of spending Valentines alone. What’s so wrong with that?

Anyway, I really wanted to show people that Valentines can be spent happily even when you’re single. So yesterday, I was on a mission to buy for myself a few Uniqlo jeggings on sale. I’ll talk about that in another post. But to be concise about it, I came, saw, and conquered that warzone, and got out alive with three pairs of prized Uniqlo Capri Jeggings. And afterwards, I decided to treat myself to some nice nail and feet pampering over at Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell.

I decided to try this one out because I’ve already tried Beauty & Butter in the past, and my mom doesn’t recommend having my nail service done at Nailaholics. Besides, this nail spa has been getting few reviews online, so I was intrigued and wanted to satisfy my curiosity about this place. We always pass this place after Sunday mass at the mall, but never really got our nails done here before, so why not?

nail spa lounge by ellabell

Eyebrow Threading at Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell, Megamall Branch

I decided to go avail their Eyebrow Threading (Php 150), and in less than two minutes, I was ushered by Mitch, who was in charge to groom my eyebrows that day, into one of their treatment rooms. Inside the cramped treatment room, they had two beds to accommodate clients. I immediately laid on one of the beds, and Mitch got to work urgently. I’m not a threading virgin, and my first threading experience was with Brow Haus, which is probably the best brow grooming place in Manila. So comparing the quality of service and the results, it would be obvious that the service of Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell would not be able to compete with Brow Haus. But for the price of Php 150, they didn’t do a bad job at all. The excess eyebrow hairs below my brow were taken care of completely, but the shaping wasn’t perfect.

nail spa lounge by ellabell

See the excess length of eyebrow strands in that area?

Another thing I did not appreciate with Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell’s service was the lack of aftercare. Post-threading, I was told that it was done, and I was handed a hand mirror to check out my brows. When I stood up to check my brows on the full length mirror on the wall, I found that there were so many eyebrow hair strands on my eyelids and cheeks, something my attendant failed to clean up, if there was any effort to. I don’t really think that the neglect of aftercare is acceptable.

nail spa lounge by ellabell

Ready for my pedicure with no Nail Tech to do it.

I also decided to avail their Basic Duchess Pedicure, which costs Php 250. Mitch ushered me to the Nail Spa area, where there were six lush, comfy couches, two of which were occupied by customers already. I was directed to take the one nearest the door, so I headed over to where I was told, placed down my bags, and got comfortable on the chair. There was no technician attending to me yet, so the technician attending to the customer seated beside me to go ahead and soak my feet into the basin with already cold water. Wow, really? This wasn’t very hospitable at all.

nail spa lounge by ellabell

But I did. I dipped my feet right into the cold soak and waited until it got colder and colder by the minute. I think I had to wait some ten minutes before my attendant finally approached me, with a non-welcoming look on her face. It felt like people in this place don’t really feel like working that day. :))

nail spa lounge by ellabell

Misa Nail Polish: I chose #71 Red Alert

So Vanessa, my nail technician, removed the existing nail polish on my feet after drying my feet with a towel. She propped a big chair in front of me, where I can rest my legs while she cleaned my nails or massaged my feet. She was very gentle with the grooming and cleaning, until she reached the big toe on my left foot. I have a small ingrown there, so with every attempt to remove it, she asks me if it hurt or if it’s okay to remove it. And when she finally did, she sighed with relief and went on complaining to me and to the nail technicians working beside her how difficult it was to clean my toenails. She even told the nail technician beside her, “Ang sakit ng batok ko, kanina pa ako nakatungo kakalinis dito.” It was beyond annoying. Like, okay, if it was easy to clean my toenails, I’ll do it myself. Isn’t that the reason why I came here to avail your service?

Midway through the service, I asked if they had wi-fi connection available, since my phone can’t seem to detect it. She said that they have available wi-fi connection named “KNS”. I tried connecting to it more than fifteen times, to no avail. To which she reasoned with, “Ay baka po naputulan.” So I just took out a book from my bag and started reading to pass time (and to distract myself should she say something annoying again).

When she was finally done painting my toes (and she did a good job, too), she stood up and left for their lounge. I just sat still, waiting for my nail polish to dry. After what seemed like twenty minutes, I was growing impatient since she left me and didn’t tell me when I can leave. I asked the nail technician working near me if my nails are done drying already so that I could get up and go. She called Vanessa and Vanessa came to my aid to check if the nail polish has dried. Had I not decided to ask the staff, she probably would not have gone back to check on me :/ She assisted me while I strapped my sandals into place, and once I was already on my way to the counter, she made her way back to their lounge.

nail spa lounge by ellabell

Happy toenails

Again, I think the staff simply lacked training on proper and necessary customer aftercare. The pedicure was okay, and the eyebrow threading wasn’t exceptional, but I feel that the service can still be improved by a mile.

So to summarize my review, here are the things I loved and didn’t love about Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell:


  • The affordable rates of their services. A basic manicure costs Php 180 and a Basic Pedicure costs Php 250
  • The ambiance of the spa. It looked expensive from outside and made me feel that their services might be too expensive for me, until I took a better look at their price list.
  • The good job they did on my nails. Loved the nail pampering, hands down. My nail technician had the gentlest pair of hands to ever handle my feet.
  • They have services catering to guys and kids!
  • They carry a lot of Misa Nail polish shades. Misa just happened to be my favorite nail polish brand. <3 They also carry Cuccio Colors.

They can still improve on:

  • Their customer service, as I have already detailed above. Also, I hope their technicians can minimize unnecessary chatter while they’re working. If I may add, I hope that the staff will be strictly instructed to avoid touching their face, especially their nose, when attending to a client. It doesn’t look good when one moment the tech is handling your feet, then she’ll bring her hand to her nose to scratch it, and then back to your feet again. Not cool.
  • Their wi-fi connection.
  • They might want to offer more nail polish brands, especially safe nail polish brands for pregnant women.

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Will I come back? Not in the near future. Maybe when they’ve improved their services. I’m keen on discovering new nail spas in the metro, so I might not come back to Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell anytime soon.

How about you? Which nail spa places have you had a bad experience with? Share it with me by leaving a comment below! –HANA

3 comments to Review: Unsatisfactory Experience at Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell (SM Megamall Atrium, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City)

  • Nix  says:

    I had a bad experience with a hair salon, not a nail salon. The stylist didn’t even ask what haircut I wanted, then when I told him, he just nodded. He seemed so lazy, and not in the mood while cutting my hair. It was so annoying! I was their only customer then so I doubt they were tired, or whatever. Grabe. WORST customer service ever. That’s with Cosmopolitan salon along Espiritu St. in Manila. Near St. Scho, Manila. Hate it there! Third bad haircut. I don’t know why I didn’t learn from my first experience. :(

    • dollhana  says:

      I would be mad and annoyed as well if that happened to me! There are really just some things you can’t skimp on. In my case, the prices of the services I availed were reasonable, though not cheap, and they were located in the mall, so I was kind of hoping that they’d provide great customer service.

      Thanks for leaving a comment, Nix! :)

  • alvin imperial  says:

    that a bad experienxe.. buti na lang ako, hindi nag cucutics. ;D

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